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Do I Qualify for a Petition?

The petition process is designed to help students who experienced extenuating circumstances during the semester that prevented them from successfully completing their coursework with a passing grade.

Students may petition for a change in their academic record in cases involving the following qualifying circumstances:

Non-Academic Emergency

Non-Academic Emergency: Extenuating circumstances that prevented students from (1) withdrawing from their courses by the withdrawal deadline or (2) successfully completing their courses after the withdrawal deadline.

  • Death in immediate family (parents, siblings, spouses, or children)
  • Medical or psychological issue
  • Legal issue
  • Victim of crime
  • Emergency (including fire or car accident)
  • Military obligation (including deployment or temporary duty)
  • Personal/family issue
  • Other
One-Time Exception
  • Never previously withdrawn from courses
  • Lack of understanding regarding university policy or procedures (including how to withdraw from courses or the difference between W and UW grades)
Academic Circumstances
  • Attendance at another institution and non-attendance at WSU despite enrollment
  • Registration system error
  • Misadvisement

Third-party documentation demonstrating proof of circumstances must be submitted in all of the above circumstances. Please see How to Submit a Petition for more information.

A one-year statute of limitations applies to qualifying circumstances. Students may not submit a petition for events or semesters older than one year unless they can provide evidence of extenuating circumstances that prevented them from filing their petition within one year, such as incarceration, military deployment, or extended hospitalization.