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Save Time! Save Money!

30 credits in 3 semesters = bachelor’s degree in 4 years

Even a reasonably priced university like Weber State is expensive when you stay and pay for years and years. The sooner you finish your degree, the sooner you can enter the workforce qualified for a career with better pay.

If you take 30 credits each year, spread over three semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer), you can complete your associate’s degree in two years and your bachelor's degree in four years.

You choose how to divide up your classes and time

You can take:


12 credits in the fall, 12 in the spring and 6 in the summer.


10 each semester.


15 in the fall, 15 in the spring and take the summer off.

It’s up to you and what works for your schedule. What’s important is that you finish 30 in 3.


Stay, study, save!

Special financial aid and discounts available for summer semester.