Department Honors

Departmental Honors in Zoology

Requirements for Departmental Honors in Zoology:

The Department of Zoology offers a Departmental Honors award in collaboration with the Honors Program.  Departmental honors is a way to recognize students who have attained the highest academic achievement in their coursework and who have successfully completed original research in the discipline.  Earning the honors designation confers additional distinction to a student’s academic achievement by identifying them as exceptional to professional school admissions committees, graduate programs, and prospective employers. Students receiving Honors in Zoology must meet all the basic course requirements for Zoology, including 28 credits of required courses, 12 Zoology elective course credits, and required support courses.

1. Minimum overall GPA of 3.7

2. Completion of Zoology 4970 (Thesis) with a grade of “A” as the culmination of an undergraduate research project conducted under faculty supervision.  Registration for the thesis should be preceded by at least two semesters of research.  Students completing ZOOL 4970 for Honors are required to produce a written report and give an oral presentation in the department.

How to Apply for Departmental Honors in Zoology:

1. Complete the application for Departmental Honors and submit it to the Honors Program (2nd floor of the Stewart Library).

2. Meet the departmental requirements listed above.

3.  Visit with Marilyn Diamond, the Honors advisor, to be cleared for graduation with Departmental Honors. (626-7336;

Benefits of Departmental Honors:
·    “Department of Zoology Honors” designation on the transcript.
·    “Department of Zoology Honors” printed on degree diploma.
·    Personalized letter signed by the President of Weber State University and the Honors Director.
·    Invitations to Honors educational and social events.
·    Invitation to Honors Nye-Cortez banquet at the end of the academic year.

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