The Women & Gender Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program bringing students together with scholarship on/by women, past and present, considering the variety in cultural, class, sexual preference, ethnic, and religious orientations. A student's program of study for the Women & Gender Studies minor must be approved by the program's director.

  • A grade of C or better is required for all courses.
  • A total of 20 credit hours is required for this minor.
  • Five Women & Gender Studies courses (12 credit hours) are required:
    • WGS 1500 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (3) - OFFERED IN SPRING, SUMMER and FALL
    • WGS 3050 Introduction to Feminists Theories (3) - OFFERED ONLY IN SPRING SEMESTER
    • WGS 4050 Research Methodologies (2),
    • WS 4060 Research Project (2) or WS 4860 Internship (2), and
    • WS 4990 Senior Seminar  (2) - OFFERED ONLY IN SPRING SEMESTER
  • A total of 8 credit hours of electives, drawn from available cross-listed courses, must be chosen in consultation with the Women & Gender Studies Director. Electives may include up to 3 credit hours of Directed Readings (WS 4830), and/or up to 3 credit hours of Topics in Women & Gender Studies (WS 2900/4900).