Randy Wilson - Director

Randy Wilson

Contact Information

Building: Annex 12, WSU Main
Phone: 801-626-7047


Bachelor of Music Education (Vocal Music (K-12))
M.S. in Human Services, Non-School Counseling
Specialist in College Teaching (S.C.T.)
Community College Teaching and Counseling


I graduated high school and entered the USAF (73250), where I served from 1968-1972. After my enlistment, I entered college and earned my baccalaureate degree courtesy of the GI Bill. I followed this with work at Murray Kentucky University, where I earned classes to complete my MS and SCT.

I began my work in Federal TRiO programs in 1979 and have remained true to that calling ever since. With 17 years experience in the high school "classic Upward Bound" program at Murray State University, where I earned classes to complete my MS and SCT, and Northern Kentucky University, I decided a change was in order and became of the Director of Veterans Upward Bound at Western Kentucky University in 1996. In October of 2010, I began working as the Utah Veterans Upward Bound Director at Weber State University.

Message to VUB Participants

"Thank you, veterans, for serving! We are happy you returned home, and we are pleased to offer our help so you can realize a bright future through education."

Interesting Facts

My given name is Randal, but I probably will not respond quickly if you use it. Please call me Randy (and please, no MR. Wilson). I grew up in Elizabethtown, KY (just a stone's throw from Ft. Knox).  I have extensive background in Community Theatre. I love movies and books and have a huge library of each, mostly fantasy/action and science fiction.

Favorite Quote

"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" --Mark Twain

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