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Teaching, as a profession, should include evidenced-based pedagogy; we should use methods that we know work as the foundation of our instruction.  As TLF Director, I will be leading a focus group this Fall which will begin a discussion surrounding a research collaboration on a specific pedagogical method. 

As a group, we will design a research study, then implement it in each of your classrooms in Spring 2013. The TLF graduate fellow will orchestrate this research effort and provide assistance where needed throughout Spring semester. Upon completion of this project, the aggregate data will be analyzed and written up for presentation and publication. 

Possibly the most important aspect of this project, it is intended to begin collaborations across disciplines, departments and colleges.

After conducting research a manuscript was written and submitted for publication during Summer 2013. The group is meeting on August 12, to solidify plans to conduct additional research during Fall 2013. 

Meeting Notes:

October 3, 2012-  TLF Pedagogy Research Discussion


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