The Teaching & Learning Forum was created by a group of faculty in 1992. The Forum offers retreats, book groups, workshops, collaborative projects, and other initiatives in support of faculty development. Activities are directed by the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (TLA) Committee , a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, and the appointed coordinator who also serves as chair of the TLA Committee. Forum offices are located in Room 57 of the South lower level of the Stewart Library. The office is staffed year round. Please visit our library of books and materials on teaching and learning, including updated versions of MLA, APA and AMA manuals for publication and editing.


2016 Faculty Symposium

We invite you to participate (by attending and presenting) in this exciting half-day conference focused on the theme  "Education Elevated!"  This theme is meant to inspire reflections, research and presentations of teaching and learning experiences that have elevated the experiences of students and faculty in and out of the classroom.

Book Groups

The Teaching and Learning Forum sponsers faculty/staff book groups each semester. The list of titles is distributed early in the semester, and you are encouraged to select a first and second choice from the list.  The Forum orders and distributes the books to each member.

Interdisciplinary Conference

International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning (ISETL) encourages college and university faculty and practitioners from all disciplines to develop, study, and apply learner-centered principles of teaching, learning, and assessment in innovative, yet effective and practical ways.

Calendar of Events

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