Sustainability at WSU


WSU's Water Conservation Efforts


Last fiscal year (July 2010 - June 2011), WSU consumed 36,359,000 gallons of culinary water and roughly 60,000,000 gallons from irrigation. That is a lot of water! That is why WSU is working hard to reduce campus water consumption. The following conservation efforts have been implemented to reduce WSU’s consumption of secondary water:

  • Installed water efficient faucets in lavatories
  • Installed low flow toilets and urinals and dual flush toilets
  • Modernized campus irrigation systems linked to a weather station
  • Using the Lindquist pond as a collection basin, recycling campus storm water has reclaimed as much as 1.2 million gallons of irrigation water per week
  • Added water conserving landscape in several areas on campus, using the seven principles of xeriscaping, including native plants, drought tolerant vegetation, mulches and drip irrigation systems.

While WSU has seen some reduction in water use on campus, there is still much more we can do. Freshwater is becoming increasingly scarce in northern Utah and we all have a social responsibility to reduce our daily water consumption.


Managing Water Quality

In addition reducing the University's water consumption, WSU has a plan for managing storm water so that water quality is maintained. Click here to view WSU's Storm Water Management Plan.

You can help WSU save water by turning off the water when it is not in use and reporting any leaks that you see to Facilities Management at 626-6331.

Water Bottle Refill Stations

Water Bottle Refill Stations are being installed in numerous  buildings to combat the need to buy one-use water bottles and promote recycling, reducing, and reusing. Click here to view the different types of stations and how they came to be.

Help WSU keep them updated and the filters clean by calling Facilities Management on the little sticker above the status lights or call 801-626-6331.


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