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Utah’s Quantitative Literacy Requirement:

Quantitative literacy is widely recognized to be one of the competencies expected of all college graduates. Utah’s Board of Regents promotes this competency by requiring that all public institutions in the state set a quantitative literacy requirement and follow guidelines set forth by the Regents

Weber State University’s Quantitative Literacy Requirement:

As proposed and approved by Weber State University’s Faculty Senate, Weber State offers a menu of Math* courses that students can successfully complete to fulfill WSU’s quantitative literacy requirement. Students can also test out of quantitative literacy (QL) through high WSU Accuplacer scores and AP scores. For a document that outlines options to fulfill QL as well as math course placement, review WSU's Assessment and Placement Standards.

Important! Academic departments specify which of WSU’s QL courses can be used to fulfill the requirement for specific majors. Consult your academic advisor and/or program materials for more information on which QL course would be most appropriate for your program of study.

Quantitative Literacy Course Descriptions*

MATH 1030 Contemporary Mathematics (3)
Topics from mathematics which convey to the student the beauty and utility of mathematics, and which illustrate its application to modern society. Topics include geometry, statistics, probability, and growth and form. Prerequisite: MATH 1010 or ACT Math score 23 or higher or placement test.

MATH 1040 Introduction to Statistics (3)
Basic concepts of probability and statistics with an emphasis on applications. Prerequisite: MATH 1010 or Math ACT score 23 or higher or placement test.

MATH 1050 College Algebra (4)
Selected topics in algebra including inequalities, logarithms, theory of equations, matrices, determinants and progressions. Prerequisite: MATH 1010 or Math ACT score of 23 or higher or placement test.

MATH 1080 Pre-calculus (5)
A course covering college algebra and trigonometry concepts preparatory to calculus. Prerequisite: MATH 1010 or Math ACT score of 23 or higher or placement test.

*Students declared in a catalog year between Spring 2007 and Spring 2013 had the option to take Philosophy 2200 between Spring 2007 and Spring 2013 to fulfill WSU's QL requirement.  

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