Purchasing from SHI

The easiest way to get software through SHI

  • Request a price from SHI by sending email to teamutah@shi.com 
  • When you receive a quote, call SHI and refer to the quote number, provide them with your pCard information.  Remember you do not want to send your pCard information through email.
  • Once purchased SHI will send you an invoice.  Please forward to csupport@weber.edu  attention Louis so he can assign it to you to install through Zen/Nal

To use SHI's website (quite hard to navigate and find the correct price):

Step 1 -

  • Go to https://www.publicsector.shidirect.com/ 
  • Create an Account
  • Login to website
  • Drop down  "Contracts" and select "MA-1694 (towards the middle of the page)
  • Select Software (on left side)
  • In "Search for Software" enter the name of the software
    • Make sure to choose just the License when ordering Microsoft products as WSU can provide access to install or the media.
  • Add software to your shopping cart
  • When through shopping click on "Check Out"
  • Fill out the shipping information form
  • Make sure to use only your University P-Card (this price is not for your personal use)

 Step 2 -

  • Print the confirmation page for your records. 
  • For Microsoft licenses save a digital copy of your Confirmation to forward to Computing Support for license verification.
    • Forward a copy to csupport@weber.edu Subject: Sharon & Louis 
    • Notification will be sent by Computing Support when the software is available for you to install. 
  • For Adobe products you will be notified by email from Adobe

If you are ordering other software you will be sent further information from the Manufacturer.