Rodney Hansen




Dr. Rodney Hansen
Associate Professor
Health Promotion and Human Performance
1435 Village Drive Dept 2801
Weber State University
Ogden, UT 84408-2801
Fax 801-626-6228


Ragnar Relay

 2009 RAGNAR Relay - Avon Pass, UT 

Green River

2009 - Green River, UT

Current Teaching Assignments

Nutri 1020 Science and Application of Human Nutrition
Nutr 4420/6420 - Nutrition and Fitness
Nutr 4320/6320 - Current Issues in Nutrition
Nutr 4520/6520 - Directed Undergraduate and Graduate Nutrition Research
MSAT 6085 - Research Methods II
MSAT 6090 - Research Methods III


Doctor of Philosophy (2003)
Colorado State University
Food Science and Nutrition

Master of Science (1993)
Colorado State University
Exercise and Sport Science

Bachelor of Science (1986)
Idaho State University
Secondary Science Education

Current Research Projects

Effect of Vitamin D on C Reactive Protein in Obese Women Initiating a Five Month Exercise Program

Effect of creatine on lactate and blood glucose in elite cyclists during a criterion like protocol

Effect of an acute bout of exercise on Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor in patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Selected Presentations last five years:

Hansen R and Hansen J. Potential Problems of Paleolithic Nutrition and the Elite Athlete. 2014(Mar) Utah Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Sandy, Utah 

Hansen, R.  Potential Problems of Paleolithic Nutrition and the Endurance Athlete.  2011 (Mar) McKay-Dee Hospital Sports Medicine Lecture Series, Ogden, UT

Hansen R. Fat: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. 2010 (Feb) McKay-Dee Hospital Sports Medicine Lecture Series, Ogden, UT






























     I was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado.  After graduation from Fort Collins High School (Home of the Lambkins) I earned my undergraduate degree at Idaho State University where I was also a distance runner in cross country, indoor and outdoor track. I completed both my Master of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology and Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Nutritional Sciences from Colorado State University.
     My former professional experience includes teaching science and coaching track at the high school level (Poudre School District, Fort Collins, Colorado), and coaching Men’s and Women’s cross country, indoor track , and outdoor track at the College of Southern Idaho. I was also a research associate in the Veterinary Medicine Program at Colorado State University investigating how nutrition influences healing, cancer, arthritis and skin diseases. 
     In 2004, I was hired as an Assistant Professor of Nutrition at Weber State University.  I enjoy Utah and the outdoor opportunities to hunt, fly fish, ice fish, ski, hike, and back pack.  I am married to Julie Hansen, and we have a daughter (Russelle) and son (Isaac).


Professional Focus
My primary teaching responsibilities include instruction in a general education course (Foundations in Nutrition) and instruction in three upper level nutrition courses (Current Issues in Nutrition, Directed Nutrition Research, and Nutrition and Fitness).
     My service work has focused on implementing, directing, and expanding Weber in Motion. Weber in Motion is a program in which obese women (defined as body mass index of 30kg/m2 or weight of 200 lbs) walk for fitness and then participate in the local Ogden Marathon. This program educates and helps obese women exercise and has been very successful.
     My research interests have been largely centered on investigation of fatty acids in chronic disease progression and the use of omega 3 fatty acids as an adjunct treatment in these diseases. Currently my research interests have been investigating changes in hormone and brain health in obese women initiating exercise programs with omega 3 fatty acid supplementation.



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