Collaborative Awards


Excellence Awards


Faculty Vitality Grants

International Society for Teacher Education (ISTE) 33rd Annual Seminar
Fall 2012
David Byrd, Department of Teacher Education

The annual AMS joint mathematics meeting January 2013
Fall 2012
Julian Chan, Department of Mathematics

Presenting at the United Nations about Violence against Women
Fall 2012
Alicia Giralt, Department of Foreign Language

Presentation at the National Delta Pi Epsilon Conference
Fall 2012
Diana Green, Department of Network Technology & Business Multimedia

Attending 2013 AWP Conference
Fall 2012

Sian Griffiths, Department of English

Kid Excavator 2012
Fall 2012
Megumi Leatherbury, Department of Design Graphics Engineering Technology

Solo Art Exhibition in Brussels
Fall 2012
Jason Manley, Department of Visual Arts

2013 Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration: Presentation to Engineering Technology Division
Fall 2012
Rick Orr, Department of Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Developing Evidence-Based Practitioners: Interpreting and Applying Special Tests Validity Statistics
Fall 2012
Jennifer Ostrowski, Department of Health Promotion & Human Performance

Windows to Batch: Dancers of the French Noble Period
Fall 2012
Amanda Sowerby, Department of Performing Arts

Presentation at the 7th International Conference on Healthcare Systems & Global Business Issues
Fall 2012
David Wyant, Department of Health Administration

Exquisite Morass: Presentation at WORDIMAGE/IMAGEWORD Conference
Fall 2012
Liese Zahabi, Department of Visual Arts


New Faculty Grants