Athletic Training

WSU Campus Recreation provides a Sport Club Athletic Trainer to work with teams throughout the school year. Each club helps to fund the trainer position with 3% of their SFA. Clubs can contact the trainer to attend their competitions and provide services at their games including taping, icing, and care of minor wounds. The club competition calendar is supplied to the trainer (as they are turned into our office) and their services will be scheduled on a greater need, and first come/first served basis.

Training facilities are available in the Club Space at the Wildcat Center Arena. The trainer can help the club members by setting up training times and a work- out routine specific to the sport throughout the year.



Whitney Batchelor is from Hooper, UT. She graduated from Fremont High School in 2006 and from Weber State in 2010 with bachelors in Athletic Training. She has been working with Rec Clubs since 2011.

Whitney's hobbies include snowboarding, playing soccer, and hanging out with her two goldendoodles dogs and her husband.


Whitney Batchelor

utah orthopaedics


Monday - Friday: 2 - 5:30 p.m.
(contact in case Whitney is traveling for a competition)