Obtaining a P-Card

  • Purchasing Card Application is available via the eWeber portal. Add the channel "Purchasing Card Request" to your eWeber account. Once the channel has been added, a new applicant will click on the link and submit an application. The application will be sent to the following areas for approval: Supervisor, Accounting, and Purchasing. The appropriate supervisor will be notified via email once an application has been submitted. A link in the email will direct supervisors to the eWeber portal to approve the application. This process will also require the supervisor to enter the correct index/FOAPAL and select either purchasing, travel or both on the new applicants p-card.
  • Once approved, a p-card will be ordered and an appointment will be sent through the Weber Google Calendar to the applicant for p-card training.
  • If card is authorized for both travel and purchasing, both training sessions must be completed. Please inform Purchasing Card Coordinator (801-626-7113) if there is an immediate need for training, otherwise training sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis, usually every other week.