Courses in Professional & Technical Writing

ENGL 2100 Technical Writing (3)


This course prepares students for on-the-job writing and emphasizes the importance of audience analysis, graphics, and document design. Students study and practice writing and designing a variety of technical documents as they learn to write clearly, concisely, and persuasively to a specific audience for a specific purpose. Pre-requisite: ENGL 1010. (fall, spring)


ENGL 3100 Professional and Technical Writing (3)


This course introduces students to the basic theories and practices of technical communication. Using audience, purpose, and context as their guides, students create various professional and technical documents, such as formal and informal reports, instructions, proposals, job application materials, brochures, web media, and presentations. Working both individually, and in collaboration, students analyze their rhetorical situation as they create usable and appropriate professional documents. This course provides the practical and theoretical basis for the minor and emphasis in Professional and Technical Writing. Pre-requisite: ENGL 2010. (fall, spring, summer)


ENGL 3140 Professional and Technical Editing (3)


Building on the knowledge of technical writing genres and the writing strengths developed in English 3100, this course introduces students to copyediting, comprehensive editing, and the basics of collaborative editing and document management. Technical editing is designed to strengthen students’ writing, editing, and visual design skills through attention to detail and application of style, grammar, and usage principles. Additionally, this course focuses on hard copy and soft copy editing principles. *Co-requisite: ENGL 3100. (fall, spring)


ENGL 3190 Document Design (3)


This class teaches a rhetorical approach to document design. Using the rhetorical principles of audience, purpose, and context, students will discuss sample documents, analyze the layout of documents (both professional documents and ones students create in class), and articulate what makes an effective layout and design (regarding arrangement, emphasis, clarity, conciseness, tone, and ethos). Throughout the course, students will create (both individually and collaboratively) documents that meet client specifications thereby providing practical experience and generating material for their professional portfolios. Pre-requisite: ENGL 3100. (fall only)


ENGL 4100 Issues in Professional and Technical Writing (3)


This is a variable topics course that focuses on specific issues in the ever-evolving field of professional and technical writing. Recent issues include indexing, professionalization, theoretical approaches, and discipline-specific emphases such as writing in the sciences and writing for the web. *Pre-requisite: ENGL 3100. (fall, spring)


ENGL 4110 Content Management (3)


This class teaches the theory and application of content management. Students will learn how to evaluate content, divide content into reusable elements, label these elements, and then re-configure them into usable structures. Using the principles of single sourcing, modular writing, and structured authoring, students will map content for reuse, evaluate available authoring tools, implement state-of-the-art technologies, and develop project strategies. Throughout the semester students will come to understand the history of information management and current trends such as information architecture and knowledge management. Pre-requisite: ENGL 3100. (spring only)


ENGL 4120 Seminar and Practicum in Professional and Technical Writing (3)


This course serves as a capstone for the minor and emphasis, preparing students for immediate job placement. In the seminar, students review issues and strategies of professional and technical writing and prepare portfolios for job interviews. The practicum is based on an internship or cooperative work experience (120 hours) in the community, with industry, or with an on-campus organization. The internship is the most time-intensive aspect of the course (offered online). Pre-requisite: ENGL 3100. (fall, spring)