Online Research Board

Thank you for participating in Spring 2017 Research! Check to see if your professor is participating with the listed studies. Here are the available opportunities to receive extra credit. Your accumulated total will be provided to your professor at end of the semester.


Study Title
Date Open
Approx. Date Closing
17-SS-101 Implications of 5-HTT and DAT1 Genetic Polymorphisms on Response to Social Situations Open 2/3/2017 4/15/2017
16-SS-216 Beverage Consumption and Well-Being Open 2/7/2017 4/15/2017
17-SS-104 Predicting Memory Performance among Romantic, Co-habiting Couples Open 2/16/2017 4/15/2017
17-ss-202 Attitudes towards Electronic Cigarettes (E-cigs) and usage patterns of E-cigs, tobacco, and other drugs of abuse Open 2/23/2017 4/15/2017
*Sign-up sheets to participate in research studies are located outside of the Psychology Department Office, room 370.  
Online 1010 students may contact their professor for studies to participate in online.