Epiphany Nontraditional Student Literary Journal

-------- A New Year, and a New Epiphany --------

Epiphany, founded Fall semester of 2009, is a journal for nontraditional students providing a learning environment for students to express themselves, their stories and perspectives through fiction, essays and poetry. Epiphany is a student-led publication, made up of a board of student editors who review and select entries to be published four times throughout the academic year.

The mission of Epiphany is two-fold: 

  • The journal seeks to develop nontraditional students' confidence in their writing ability.
  • Provide nontraditional students with opportunities for professional development and academic success.

-------- Submission Guidelines --------

  • All entries must be submitted as a word document (.docx or .doc) by E-mail to epiphanysubmissions@weber.edu with this document attached in the same correspondence. (Please make sure the title of your entry matches the title on your entry form.)
  • Student authors must be currently enrolled at WSU and must identify themselves as being a nontraditional student* (Either married, over 25, disabled, a veteran or a parent)
  • Please include the name(s) of the author(s) on your submission.
  • Do NOT send us your only copy of your work. Entries will not be accepted if they are submitted in printed form. However, our editors are willing to assist you in getting your submission into a form that we can accept.
  • We do not want to limit creativity, but any vulgarity/profanity must be justified by the piece.
  • As long as the piece adheres to the submission guidelines, we guarantee fair consideration for publication.
  • Each piece will be judged according to a fixed rubric and rating system.

*Entries published in the Multicultural/Diversity and Community Engaged Learning sections of the journal are open to all students, as long as the piece relates to a subject of this nature.

Deadlines for Publication
Fall 2014 to Spring 2015

October 15th by 5:00pm
December 1st by 5:00pm
March 3rd by 5:00pm
May 5th by 5:00pm

What Types of Writing
Do We Accept?

Fiction - Short
Fiction - Flash
Nonfiction - Creative
Nonfiction - Essay


*Pieces About Diversity or Diverse Cultures

*Student Stories and Perspectives

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