Tentative Schedule

Below is an example of what your schedule might look like for the next two years. All classes are offered in eight-week blocks except MPC 6900 Thesis/Project I and MPC 6950 Thesis/Project II, which run for the full semester.

First Fall Semester

MPC 6010 Introduction to Graduate Study and Communication Theory (3)
MPC 6700 Research Methods for Professional Communicators (3)

First Spring Semester

MPC 6150 Writing for Professional Communicators (3)
MPC 6210 Presentational Speaking in the Workplace (3)

*Summer Semester

MPC 6300 New Media in Professional Communication (3)
MPC 6400 Communicating Organizational Leadership (3)
MPC 6600 Strategic Communication (3)
MPC 6620 Conflict Resolution And Mediation (3)

Second Fall Semester

MPC 6350 Visual Communication (3)
MPC 6450 Advanced Organizational Communication (3)
MPC 6500 Topics in Professional Communication: Web Usability (3)
MPC 6900 Thesis/Project I (3)

Second Spring Semester

MPC 6100 Team Building and Facilitation (3)
MPC 6250 Interviewing
MPC 6500 Topics in Professional Communication: Gender Communication in the Workplace (3)
MPC 6950 Thesis/Project II (3)

*Summer semester classes may vary depending on faculty availability.