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All Mathematics majors are assigned a faculty advisor - check your CatTracks Advisor Notes for your current advisor or click here to make an advisor request. 

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MyLabsPlus Student Support Webpage - Pearson Publishing
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Math Help - Lots and lots of good math links!
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Accuplacer Study Guide
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Prerequisite Expiration Table

Check to see if you're in compliance with the department math prerequisite expiration policy to avoid having classes dropped due to prerequisite failure. REMEMBER - Math credits never expire! Using math courses as prerequisites will though. Keep your skills current.

How to Calculate Prerequisite Expirations:

1. Prerequisite math course completed SUMMER OR FALL 20XX the last semester to take the next course would be SPRING and add '3' to the completion year, six semesters. FALL 2011 - SPRING 2014
2. Prerequisite math course completed SPRING 20XX the last semester to take the next course would be FALL and add '2' to the completion year, six semesters. SPRING 2011 - FALL 2013
Example - you want to take MATH 1210 the fall semester of 2014 and you took the prerequisite course (MATH 1080) the fall semester of 2012 (FALL 2012 - SPRING 2015).  You are in compliance!  If you had taken the course fall semester of 2011 you would then need to take the Accuplacer or contact the department ( or 801-626-6095) for further advisement.

Job Search Resources - is a free service designed to help educators find new and exciting teaching jobs, administrative jobs and other related service positions. The service is easy to use and helps you efficiently find teaching jobs by position area and location.
Finding an Academic Job - James Lambers, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering Stanford University

The Riley Guide - Free resources with open access to the job listings. Site serves both as an internet primer and an index to the better employment-related sites.

Mathematical Job Information (pdf) - SIAM, MAA, and AMS post information about jobs and careers for mathematical scientists on their Web pages. This sheet, put together by the AMS-MAA-SIAM Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities, provides a quick reference with useful links for finding and applying for a job, career information, and selected advice on a mathematics job search.

Try using relevant and varied search terms to investigate such sources as Weber State University's Career Services, job hunter and career preparation workshops, seminars and books. You may also consider using services such as resume writing and career counseling.

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Summer Math Refresher Course - Click here for more information on the 2015 Summer Math Refresher Course being offered for students taking MATH 1050 or 1080.

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