Do you like playing pool?

Billiard Endowment for Applied Mathematics

An Easy Shot to Math Degree Money!

The Billiard Endowment for Applied Mathematics was developed to provide funding and support to students majoring or minoring in Mathematics at Weber State University.

The game of billiards historically has been used to describe many mathematical principles. It is being used to promote this endowment by drawing the attention of would-be mathematicians to pursue a math degree.

Funds awarded by the Billiard Endowment for Applied Mathematics are to be used for tuition, books and/or special research/development projects approved by the WSU Math Department.

Use this site to learn more about this unique endowment and how you may qualify to get money for college.

You don't need to play pool, or even like the game to be eligible for scholarship money, but it helps!    

Preference will be given to you if you can show an interest in billiards. You can show your interest by verifying your involvement in, but not limited to, any of the following activities:  

  • Membership in a billiard league or billiard organization
  • Participation in billiard tournaments
  • Membership in the WSU Billiards Club
  • Attendance at a billiard exhibition
  • Enrollment in the WSU, or other University, Billiard Class(s)

A photocopy of your billiard league or organization membership identification, letter from the Shepherd Student Union Director, letter from Wildcat Lanes Game Room Manager, copy of tournament results that show your participation, or a University/College transcript that shows your enrollment in a billiard class are some of the ways which you can verify your interest in billiards.

Simply include any of these document along with your scholarship application.

Don't worry, admitting you like math doesn't make you a nerd! In fact, it could get you a scholarship.

The Billiard Endowment for Applied Mathematics was established to help you study Mathematics at Weber State University; preference will be given to you if your choose to study Applied Mathematics, or pursue a math teaching certificate.

What about my GPA?
No initial GPA requirements exist for first time scholarship candidates. However, after you receive scholarship money from this endowment, you must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher in all math classes. In addition, you must also maintain good academic standing with WSU during your enrollment.

No Problem for a Math Genius like you!!

Having money to go to school will enable you to become anything you want later in life. Get it done with a math degree from Weber State University.

Scholarships awarded by this endowment are available to new students, continuing students, and students transferring from other schools.

OK, So how do I apply?
Applying for the scholarship is easy as Pi. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Get Admitted to WSU
    It doesn't make sense to get scholarship money to a school you are not attending, so first thing is first. Fill out an enrollment form if you are a new or transferring student. If you are already a WSU student, make sure your in good standing.
  2. Fill out the Application
    To apply for a scholarship under this endowment, you'll need to complete the Special Condition sponsor award application (Form D). Under the list of Special Condition Scholarships, write "Billiard Endowment for Applied Mathematics".
  3. Enclose Proof of Billiard Interest
    Although not required to qualify for the scholarship, if you can show that you like pool, your application will be preferred.
  4. Meet the Deadline
    If you're going to apply, don't hesitate. Get your application to the WSU Scholarship Office at:
    Scholarship Office
    Weber State University
    1137 University Circle
    Ogden, UT 84408-1137

If you have questions about this endowment, or any of the scholarship documents availabe on this site, please contact the WSU Scholarship Office at: 801-626-7569

From Geometry to Statistics, the pool table has been brought into every Math school room at one point or another to explain the subject. As it turns out, it is also a fun game to play.

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