Geosciences Degrees

A Bachelor of Science degree in Geosciences is available in three different areas:


Advisor: Dr. Adolph Yonkee


Applied Environmental Geosciences

Advisor: Dr. Marek Matyjasik



Earth Science Teaching

Advisor: Dr. Rick Ford



3-Year Provisional Schedule of Classes

Plan ahead with this 3-year provisional schedule.  However, please note that this is our best estimation and is subject to change.  Regular meetings (once each semester) with your faculty advisor will ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.

Bachelor of Science

• Applied Environmental Geosciences (BS)

• Earth Science Teaching (BS)

Bachelor of Arts

• Geology (BA)

Institutional Certificate

• Geomatics (Applied Mapping Sciences) Institutional Certificate


Geology Minor

 Geospatial Analysis Minor

Teaching Minor

• Earth Science Teaching Minor

Honors, Departmental

• Geosciences Departmental Honors