Tools & Opportunities for Geoscience Majors

As a Geosciences major, your success means a great deal to us. In fact, that is exactly why we are here; to help you learn and reach the goals you've set out to reach. Here are some great tips & resources to help you along the way:

First & Foremost: Seek Advising

It's our mission to help you learn & earn your degree fully prepared for an excellent geoscience related career. If you intend to continue your education, there are specific courses you'll need to take & strategies to follow in order to strengthen your application to graduate schools.

Toward these ends, meeting with us at least once each semester is crucial. You can find the faculty advisor for your program here. Just call or email to arrange for a meeting. Advisors for those seeking a BIS can be found here.  

Join Student Clubs & Organizations

Find support and friendship with other students in one of these great clubs or organizations!

These fellow students are interested in many of the same things as you are!  You'll learn from each other, serve the community together, and make lasting life-long friendships as you walk side-by-side toward achieving your goals.

Earn Scholarships & Awards

The Department of Geosciences offers scholarships (chosen by application) to hard working, dedicated students.

Visit this page to learn more about these scholarships, and the awards that are presented to each year's hardest working zoology majors among that year's graduating class.


Get Department News & Updates

The department sends out a newsletter (via email) each Friday during the Fall and Spring semesters. Newsletters share important news from both on and off campus for Geoscience majors. In it you'll see what's happening with our students, learn of upcoming events and activities, find volunteer, internship & job opportunities, and much more. All issues are archived here.

To subscribe, please click here to send an email to the deparment.

Learn More about Geosciences

We've put together a great list of geoscience related sites around the internet just for you. Whether you just want to browse & explore, or have specific questions, this is the an excellent resource page.

Here you find sites unique to Utah and those that are "out of this world". There are sites about glaciers, volcanoes and everything in between. With over 30 sites, in 7 different categories you may be there a while.

Participate in Undergraduate Research

We believe that undergraduate research is an important part of the educational experience at Weber State University. Many research opportunities in Geosciences qualify for financial support from the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR).

OUR offers workshops to help students learn how to submit proposals. Please click here to learn more about OUR.

Search Through Research, Internship & Job Opportunities

The popular phrase now is, "Internships are the new interview." Internships benefit students earning them much needed experience and resume breadth. Employers say they often use the internship process to find future, permanent employees. 

Here are some great intern/job resource & search sites
Here we post specific opportunities

Learn About Graduating with Honors

Departmental honors is a way to recognize students who have attained the highest academic achievement in their coursework and who have successfully completed original research in the discipline.  

Please click here to learn what it takes to graduate with honors in Geosciences!

You can also email the honors advisor here.



 Here's how to contact us. 

Advising for New Majors 

  Dr. Rick Ford, or click here



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