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Research Areas: 

My research interests include groundwater flow, water chemistry and contaminant transport. Groundwater flow projects include fracture bedrock aquifers and aquifer storage and recovery. 

Water chemistry projects include geochemical modeling and nano-scale reactions between water, mineral surfaces, and chemical contaminants. 

I collaborate with other researchers form my department, the Department of Physics, and other universities. 


Teaching Areas: 

My teaching centers around water resources, groundwater, contaminant transport and engineering geology. 

I also enjoy teaching introductory courses in environmental geoscience and physical geology. 

I like challenges of teaching online courses. My online courses evolve over the last 10 years as new technologies became available. 

Classes Taught:

GEO 1060 - Environmental Geosciences

GEO 1065 - Environmental Geosciences Lab

GEO 1110 - Dynamic Earth

GEO 3080 - Water Resources

GEO 3753 - Geomicrobiology

GEO 3880 - Groundwater

GEO 4100 - Engineering Geology

GEO 4150 - Environmental Assessment




Kent State University; Kent, Ohio  

Academic Rank:  
Professor of Geosciences
SL 204MC

Office Hours:
Summer 2013 Term, 
by appointment

Department of Geosciences
3772 N. Campus Dr., Dept. 2507
Weber State University
Ogden, UT 84408-2507





Weber State UniversityDepartment of Geosciences3772 N. Campus Drive, Dept. 2507, Ogden, Utah 84408-2507801-626-7139

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