• What is MLP, MML, Math XL, Pearson, eCollege
    It is referenced using many different names. But it is all
    the same system. Students in the term project are using the eCollege LMS which is made by Pearson. Inside of eCollege is a specialized math web application called Math XL, MyMathLabs(MML), or MathLabsPlus(MLP). Math XL 1050 is NOT part of Term.


  • What is Tracker?
    Tracker keeps track of attendance in the TERM Hubs or the classrooms in Building 4. Tracker uses ChiTester to log and track and for authentication.

  • Quiz Changes for Fall 2012, click HERE
  • Error: Username not found when trying to login to Math.
        1.  Have the student login at weber.edu
             a. If student cannot login at weber.edu walk student through password change.
             b. Verify the student is enrolled in a math course
        2. Call or IM Kaycee  if she is not available call or IM Tom 


  • Math faculty member is trying to import grades and there are no grades to import.
        1. Call or IM Kaycee if she is not available call or IM Tom


  • Student needs grades imported.
        1. Student will need to contact their instructor.  Give student instructors Groupwise email address.  If student does not know the instructors name, have them login to their math course.  Instructors name will be in the right hand corner of the page


  • Unable to login to tracker.  No attendance test has been assigned 1) to this site, 2) for today, or 3) for a section this student is enrolled in.
        1. Have the users login to Chi Tester (chitester.weber.edu)
            a. If they cannot login to Chi Tester walk student through password change.
            b. If they can login to Chi Tester have the student try to login to Tracker from a different workstation.

        2. Call or IM Kaycee if she is not available call or IM Tom 


  • Student locked out of test.
        1. Get student name. NO W numbers
        2. Get CRN (Have student login to course, CRN will be the 5 digit number in the right hand corner.)
        3. Call or IM information to Kaycee, Matt, or Tom. See on-call list for phone numbers.

  • Video Lecture does not play.
        1. Verify that Quicktime is installed on the computer.
        2. See video issues document Video issues in Math 990 and 1010.pdf
    3. Go through steps listed on Pearsons support page found HERE
        4. Disable virus scans, firewalls, and net nanny.
        5. Call or IM Kaycee if she is not available call or IM Tom

  • Video Lectures not playing on Mac OS X
        1. This is a known issue, see video issues document Video issues in Math 990 and 1010.pdf
        2. Students using Mac OS X will need to download the video by clicking the arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the video screen. 
        3.  Save the file as a QuickTime Movie
  • Unable to see homework.
        1. To access homework students will need to click on the module number then select the appropriate HW assignment.
        2. Call or IM Kaycee if she is not available call or IM Tom
  • Unable to view etext or powerpoint presentations.
        1. Make sure they are using IE or Firefox. Chrome and Safari are NOT supported.
        2. Clear Cookies and Temporary Internet Files.
        3. Turn off virus protection, firewalls, and net nanny.
        4. Try a different browser.
        5. Call or IM Kaycee if she is not available call or IM Tom

  • There is a problem with your authentication, possible due to inactivity.
    1. Clear browsers cookies and temporary Internet files.  
    *Make sure windows are closed after clearing cookies and temp files.
    2. Go through Pearson browser settings http://247pearsoned.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10096
    NOTE: Safari user need to clear cookies, cache and change the block cookies option under the privacy settings. (screenshot)


  • MAC 104 error.
        1. Student is putting a space at the end of their username.
        2. Clear Cookies and Temporary Internet Files.

  • Tracker has locked up.
    1. Close Tracker by selecting it then pressing CTRL+ALT+F.  Then go to the start menu and select the batch file called C:\Program Files\Tracker.
     2. Restart the computer.
  • Tracker hand is stuck in the raised position (screenshot)
    1. Ask caller for the machine number
    2. IM/Call Kaycee or ask one of the night and weekend techs to lower the hand.

  • Student is not showing in the instructors gradebook
    1. Student will need to login to their new course
    2. Click on one of the homework modules on the left hand side of the screen
    3. Accept the license agreement
    4. After they accept the license agreement they will now show in the instructors gradebook

  • Student is unable to acces their course.  Student is grayed out in the gradebook
    1. The instructor has disable the student.  The student will need to contact the instructor to fine out why they have been disabled.

  • How to verify a student is enrolled in Math
     1. L
    ogin to eweber
    Click on Lynx Self-Service Site Map
     3. Click Faculty Services
     4. Click Student Menu
     5. View Student Schedule
     6. Select Term
     7. Enter in name or W#
     8. Click Submit
     9.Is there a math course listed in the students schedule? 
    If not they will need to contact the developmental math secretary

  • What information should you gather for a TERM software problem?
        1. If it is an issue with the course we need
            a. DETAILED description of the problem.
            b. The username of the student NO W numbers.
            c. The CRN for the course
            d. Where they are located (i.e. Lampros Hub, Davis Hub, ET 127, B4 516, B4 517, D2 235, or 
            e. A contact phone number to call them back.
  • What information should you gather for a TERM hardware problem?
        1. If it is an issue with a computer we need
    a. DETAILED description of the problem
    The location of the computer (i.e. Lampros Hub, Davis Hub, ET 127, B4 516, B4 517, D2 235)
            c. The computer number (located on the CPU).
    Logout of the course, or resetting the machine (powering it off, and then on again)

  • Where can techs go to see what a math course looks like?
    1. Go to https://secure.ecollege.com/weber/
    2. Username: csupport, password: see Kaycee or Cindy
    3. You can now click on one of the dummy courses listed and see what the math courses look like.

  • Where do students go to login to their math course?
    1. Login to the portal, click on the Student Services tab, click Access your Math 0950, 0960, or 1010 course under the My Courses channel
    2. Go to http://devmath.weber.edu/ or http://math.weber.edu/

  •  On Call List
    See on call list located at Desk 1, Desk 2 and Chat station

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