Class are no longer being taught in Blackboard.

Students and instructors will have ready only access until December 2013 

Replacement for Blackboard is Canvas (


  • What is WSU Online, Blackboard, Vista, WebCT, Learning System?
    WSU Online is a virtual branch campus of the University on the Internet.  It is referenced using many different names, but it is all the same system.  Students with Internet access are able to take online courses as well as user online support services.  WSU Online makes it possible for students facing busy schedules, long commutes, or geographic distance to take advantage of the convenience of online courses with the support service that are essential to their success.

  • What is Moodle?
    Moodle is another online learning system.  Transfer any calls regarding Moodle to Kaycee/6499

  • Unable to login to WSU Online.
         1. Have the student login at
            a. If student is unable to login at walk student through password change.
        2. Clear Temporary Internet Files and Cookies
        3. If student can login at
            a. Have student type in, click the login button and enter in eweber     username and password.
        3. Check to see if you can login at (verify site is up)
        4. Transfer to Kaycee/6499

  • Students course does not show in the course list.
        1. Check to see if course has been hidden.
            a. See link for screen shot of course list.
            b. If the course shows in the edit course list have the student click SHOW LINK
            c. If course does not show in edit course list, transfer the call to Kaycee/6499

  • Content not available when student clicks on course.
        1. Transfer call to Kaycee/6499

  • My Computer option does not show when trying to attach a file.
        1. When students login they will be prompted with one or more security warning.  Check always trust content from this publisher and click RUN.  See link for security warning.
        2. Make sure the latest version of Java is installed (check control panel)
        3. Transfer to Kaycee/6499

  • What is the difference between Wildcat mail and WSU Online mail.
    Wildcat mail can send many to any email address.  WSU Online mail can only mail other people in the class.  Emails cannot be forwarded to a different account.

  • Unable to send email in WSU Online.
        1. To send an email in WSU Online students must click the browse for recipients button then select the student or instructors name.  Students cannot type in the name or email address of the person they are trying to email.
        2. Transfer to Kaycee/6499

  • Video or sound does not work.
        1.Try a different browser.  FireFox and Internet Explorer only.  Chrome is not supported.
        2. Make sure student has Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Real Player install.
        3. Transfer to Kaycee/6499

  • What browsers are supported with WSU Online?
       Internet Explorer 7 or later
    Firefox 3.5 or later
       Safari 3 or later  
       Google Chrome is not supported at this time.

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