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Posted 7/13/15


Below is a listing of current job postings in Utah.
You may view all job postings via: TotalAccess/Career Opportunities/Careers@ Boeing.  Closing dates are not shown on requisitions, so if you are interested in applying to a position, you should do as soon as possible.   Typically requisitions close 5 days after posting date.  
You may search by job group, location, etc.
Quality Systems Specialist 1
Job Code: JACDN1
Requisition ID: 1500023746
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Ogden
Mechanical Systems Design & Analysis Engr Level 3
Job Code: 6G5BP3
Requisition ID: 1500020770
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Hill AFB
Service Technical Analyst 3
Job Code: GJFSP3
Requisition ID: 1500020774
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Hill AFB
Design and Analysis Engineer 3 - Electronic Systems
Job Code: 6B1BP3
Requisition ID: 1500020768
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Hill AFB
Systems Engineer 3 / Measurement and Control
Job Code: 6K8CP3
Requisition ID: 1500020015
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Hill AFB
Mechanical Systems Design & Analysis Engr Level 4
Job Code: 6G5BP4
Requisition ID: 1500020771
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Hill AFB
Mechanical Systems Design & Analysis Engr Level 2
Job Code: 6G5BP2
Requisition ID: 1500020769
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Hill AFB
Mechanical Systems Design & Analysis Engr Level 3
Job Code: 6G5BP3
Requisition ID: 1500020023
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Hill AFB
Systems Engineer 3 / Architecture & Def.
Job Code: 6K8CP3
Requisition ID: 1500020020
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Hill AFB
Struct & Payload Analysis Engr Level 2 or 3
Job Code: 6G5CP2
Requisition ID: 1500022439
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Salt Lake City
Test & Evaluation Lab Tech Level 1 or 2
Job Code: 6L9CN1
Requisition ID: 1500022704
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Ogden
Design and Analysis Engineer level 2 / Support Equip. Design
Job Code: 6B1BP2
Requisition ID: 1500020765
Work Locations: 
United States-Utah-Hill AFB
External applicants may view job posting via:

Posted 6/30/15

More on Hill Air Force Base

I wanted to contact with you about some jobs we have available at hill air force base. (Brian Vandenburg)
A few things to note before I go into details:      
·         * I am not an official point of contact for these jobs; I’m merely trying to get the word out
·         * If you include an email address for contacting me, please use as it’s more suited for filtering out spam; also caution students not to send any personally identifiable information to that email (such as their resume)
·         * People are welcome to contact me if:
·         ** they want us to keep an eye out for their resume for palace acquire/pathways applicants
·         ** they strongly believe they’d be a good fit and are concerned they would be rejected due to a technicality
For all of these postings they must be able to obtain and maintain a security clearance; it's assumed if they apply for the job they believe they can satisfy this requirement.
There's 3 postings for applicants with a bachelors, depending on what their major is in:
Computer Scientists:
Computer Engineer:
Electronics Engineer:
It may be possible for current students to have some or all tuition paid for and work part time (they're very flexible on this) while in school and full time during off semesters. If they want to go that route they'll need to apply to the "pathways" program for pre-bachelors students:
... or "palace acquire" for students who want to pursue a masters degree:
"pathways" and "palace acquire" are general pools for hiring; if they want my group to keep an eye out for them they're welcome to email me directly and I'll pass along their name.
Unfortunately, those job postings don't do a fantastic job of emphasizing some of the technologies or skills applicants should emphasize in their resume -- at least if they apply to our group.  Applicants should emphasize experience with any of the following:
* We use unix-based operating systems (linux & solaris) exclusively for development
* Competence with object oriented development would improve their odds tremendously (as opposed to just some level of familiarity; eg, C with classes)
* We make heavy use of C++, perl, ruby, bash, C, csh/tcsh, sql, fortran, GNU make
* It would be a good idea to point out proficiency in other technologies not listed above (eg CMake, Lua, python, raspberry pi, android/ios development, java, etc)
* If they're the type to have hobby projects (open source contributors, robotics geek, etc) they should try to fit it into their resume
-Brian Vandenberg

Posted 6/22/15

Hill Air Force Base

Hill Air Force Base is hiring: 
Electrical/Computer Engineers and Computer Scientists!

Be on the Cutting Edge of Software Development. The Software Maintenance Group at Hill Air Force Base is recruiting civilians (U.S. Citizenship Required). Benefits include paid vacation, health care plans, matching retirement fund, tuition assistance, and time paid for fitness activities.

To be considered for an interview event in July, please send resumes to:

Jason Doncouse, a recent EE graduate who works at HAFB sent the following information on 6/23/15:

SMXG on Hill AFB is hiring.

Many have asked where candidates can go to get more information on the open
positions. The most important thing is to get a resume into us locally at
 so we can get them an invite to the July 15th hiring event, but you can
send people to for more information. The specific URLs are
listed below. 

Computer Scientists:  

Computer Engineer: 

Electronics Engineer:

Posted 5/27/15

BioFire Defense

Electrical Engineering Technician
Status: Full-Time
Department: Engineering
Job Description / Duties:
Qualified individual will provide technical assistance and resolution when electrical or engineering problems are encountered before, during, and after product construction.  Assemble electrical and electronic systems and prototypes according to engineering data and knowledge of electrical principles, using hand tools and measuring instruments.  Modifies electrical prototypes, parts, assemblies, and systems to correct functional deviations.  Collaborates with electrical engineers and other personnel to identify, define, and solve developmental problems.
BioFire Defense is passionate about professional development and creating a work atmosphere that is creative and casual while the work is intense and challenging.
Skills/Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Associate Degree or BS in Engineering or related subjects.  1 to 2 years experience. 
If you are interested in this position, please email your resume to:
Ashley Westover
Administrative Assistant
BioFire Defense
Office: 801-262-3592 x1905


Posted 4/13/15

Myelin Resources

Automated Test Engineer
Job Summary
The Automated Test Engineer will be responsible for establishing an automated testing framework, utilizing a repository for the automated tests (regression, unit, performance, load, etc. ) , creating, executing and reporting the results of automated tests. Additional responsibilities include training Test Analysts on how to run and maintain automated tests as well as working with the Configuration Manager to integrate automated tests into the automated build process. Some manual testing may be required.
Essential Functions

• Establish and provide procedures for automated regression, unit, performance, and load testing.
• Communicate complex information clearly and concisely.
• Provide schedule and risk assessment via meetings and reports.
• Ongoing review of automated testing technologies and tools that support automated testing processes.
• Troubleshoot automated testing errors.
• Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

Qualifications/Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Requirements

• 3-5 years Automated QA Testing experience preferred.
• 1 year experience working with Configuration Management processes and using support tools preferred.
• Bachelor’s degree preferred.
• 3-5 years of experience (or equivalent combination of education and experience) required.
• 1 year software development (or equivalent experience) required
• Must have a solid understanding of Software Release Engineering best practice principles, including the interfaces to 

Change Management/Asset Management.

• Experience with managing and maintaining CMBD content preferred.
• Experience with testing web based applications preferred.
• Experience in a manufacturing environment and Life Science industry preferred.
• Must be proficient in static code metrics tools
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Effectively and efficiently perform all essential job duties and responsibilities without direct supervision.
• Ability to perform all essential position duties and responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodation without posing a direct safety threat to others or self.

For more info on this position or other IT Professional career options please contact:
Myelin Resources, LLC | 12217 S. Lone Peak Parkway, Suite 100 | Draper, Utah 84020
Telephone: 801-355-0119 | Toll Free: 888-955-0119 | Fax: 801-355-0129
Brad Wilkinson
Executive Search Consultant
Myelin Resources
Phone 801-355-0119 Ext. 203
Mobile 801-673-9269
Follow Myelin Resources on LI
Phone: 801-355-0119 Ext. 203
Mobile: 801-673-9269
Toll Free: 888-955-0119
Fax:  801-355-0129
Corporate Offices:                                              
12217 South Lone Peak Pkwy, Suite 100             
Draper, Utah 84020
Click on this link to see our most recent Myelin commercial:

Posted 4/1/15

INL Internship Opportunities

"One of the best things about this internship is that 20% of the interns time is used for professional development.  They work with the students on WHY you need to be able to communicate effectively in writing, for example.   An internship with the INL would send our students back to us more capable in the classroom as well as giving them insight into professional positions.

Also, the INL accepts foreign students for internships in many areas.  However, English skills do matter.  70+% of their interns are hired. 
Areas include computer science, all types of engineering, information management, etc."

Idaho National Laboratory hosts students every summer in an effort to help train the nation's next generation of scientists and engineers.  Involvement in world-class research provides participatnts with a set of experiences that support their education and career goals.
Internship participants make genuine contributions to program goals.   They may publish or co-author papers as well as present their research at INL, at conferences or their institutions.  Additional benefits include providing a pipeline to employment, strengthening collaborations with academia and other DOE laboratories and creating opportunities for collaborative research.  Interns participate in labwide tours to enhance their knowledge of INL, its history and missions.  

Areas of Study
INL internships, like the lab's research, span a wide range of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields and other important disciplines.  Fields include (not all inclusive): Archeology, biology, biomass, business operation & business management, chemistry, communications, computational mathematics, computer science, critical infrastructures, cybersecurity, engineering (all disciplines), environmental science, industrial safety, information management, instrumentation and control, material science, modeling & simulation, national security, nuclear engineering, nuclear nonproliferation, occupational health and physics.  
To be considered for an INL intership, students must: Be enrolled in a U.S. accredited college or university and have completed a minimum of 12 credits; graduated from college within six months; or graduated and are applying to a graduate program, pass a background check, have at least 3.0 cumulative GPA, complete INL's Master Skill Set Survey (part of online application process). Foreign national students may be eligible for internships if they attend an accredited U.S. college and can obtain a U.S. work authorization.
Application Process
To apply, go to  Click on the "INL current career openings" link, locate the posting with "BEA Education Enhancement Internship" in the title, and upload a single PDF file containing: 1.  Current resume or curriculum vitae  2.  Unofficial transcripts for all current and past degrees  3.  Current class schedule, including number of credits
Myken Johnson 208-526-1585
Thomas Steele 208-526-1945