WSU & Healthy Utah/PEHP Partnership


In partnering with PEHP as our new insurance provider, Weber State Employee Wellness will have access to Healthy Utah Rebate Programs beginning July 1, 2010. You may refer to Healthy Utah’s website for complete details regarding their Rebate Program

Because Weber State already has a well established, comprehensive, and personalized program on campus, we will continue to conduct wellness assessments as we always have. We will be offering two testing options, a Comprehensive Assessment and a Concise Assessment, nearly identical to past offerings. In addition, we may choose to invite Healthy Utah on campus once or twice per year to administer testing in a health fair setting (which qualifies for rebate(s), but not wellness release time). Please compare the testing options and sign up for Weber State’s Comprehensive or Concise Assessment here.

Healthy Utah’s presence will be complementary and not a replacement for Weber State’s Employee Wellness Program. Weber State’s Employee Wellness Staff will have administrative rights to the Healthy Utah database so we can input necessary data from your Weber State wellness assessment, qualifying you for eligible Healthy Utah rebate(s).

We hope you continue to take full advantage of the Comprehensive Assessment offered by Weber State Employee Wellness, qualifying you for both wellness release time and Healthy Utah rebate(s). We look forward to continuing to serve you with your health and wellness needs. Please refer to Healthy Utah Rebate Eligibility Questions & Answers to answer any questions you may have concerning your current assessment standing and how to proceed with rebate eligibility.