Employee Wellness

Fitness Assessment Protocol

The fitness tests involve several different physical tests.  The testing takes less than one hour.  Tests may be modified or omitted to accommodate individual needs with advance notice.  Please contact us should you have any further questions concerning testing.

Height and Weight:  height and weight are determined in inches and pounds using calibrated instruments

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate:  resting systolic/diastolic blood pressure and heart rate are determined using an automatic blood pressure cuff

Flexibility:  a standard sit and reach box is used which requires the subject to sit on the ground and reach forward with legs extended

Girth Measurements:  a Gulick tape measure is used to determine waist and hip measurements

Body Composition:  two options exist--Bod Pod, which uses air displacement to measure body volume or Skinfolds, which requires three pinches

Lung Function:  lung capacity and force are determined using a microspirometer, which requires a forceful, full exhalation

Cardiovascular Fitness:  measured using the YMCA sub-maximal cycle ergometer test to predict VO2max, which requires pedaling a stationary cycle at a low to moderate intensity level for six to fifteen minutes

Rotary Chest Press:  seated chest press to fatigue at 30% of body weight for females and 40% of body weight for males

Grip Strength:  a hand grip dynomometer is used to determine right and left hand grip strength

Curl-ups:  crunches to fatigue utilizing an AbRoller

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