Step 1: Attend an Information Session

Who should attend?

  • Students interested in the Early College Program
  • Parents/Guardians of students interested in the Early College Program

What will I learn?

  • What is Early College?
  • How can I earn college credit?
  • Why take Early College courses?
  • What are WSU's General Education requirements?
  • What are WSU's Early College Program application requirements?
  • How much does Early College cost?
  • How can it be funded?
  • What are my next steps?

When and where are they held?

Sessions are held at least twice a month. See the schedule below for specific days, times, and locations. Fill in the form below to RSVP for a session. Although attending an in-person session is strongly encouraged, if you are unable to attend any of these sessions, you may view our Online Early College Information Session.

*Additional Information Sessions may be scheduled throughout the year.

None of these convenient? Contact the 
academic advisor for your district so an alternative time can be arranged for you and others who need one, or view our Online Information Session.

Online Information Session


Step 2: Complete the Application Process