Academic Advising

If you are currently pursuing (or interested in pursuing) a College of Science major/minor or any of our Premedical Professional programs, I am happy to help you with questions regarding general education requirements for College of Science degrees, course prerequisites, university requirements, registration, etc.  Just call my office to schedule an appointment!

Please see the following links for general information:

  • "How do I DECLARE my science major and/or minor?"
    • Contact the secretary for the department in which you wish to major or minor.
  • "How do I make an APPOINTMENT to meet with someone?"
    • Call the COS Advisement Office at 801-626-6302.

Weber email (located in student portal)
including W# in e-mail subject line 
allows us to better assist you with your questions.

College of Science Advisor

Mrs. Jane Stout

Science Lab 203M

Phone:  801-626-6302

Fax:  801-626-7445

Office Hours

8-5 M-Th

8-12 F (walk-ins)

Our Mission

The College of Science Academic Advisement Office mission is to teach the purpose and value of higher education through one-on-one appointments, open orientation classes, and provide opportunity for peer mentors through student clubs and organizations.

The office supports students in their personal development toward academic success in the College of Science programs and pre-medical professional programs. It also encourages lifelong learning through volunteering and leadership opportunities.

Weber State UniversityOgden, Utah 84408

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