Part C - Excel Practice Tests

Click on the Practice Problem 1 or 2 links at the top of this page

Part C is a timed (one-hour) spreadsheet exam. 

Practice Problems

Be familiar with Microsoft Excel 2013.  The 2013 software is available in lab 311 of Elizabeth Hall.  If you can work the problems you should have no trouble with the test. 

Formulas are the same in all the Microsoft versions.  Some of the formatting options may not be available in older software.

Areas to Study:

  • how to start a formula

  • how to use the function bar

  • conditional formatting

  • if statements

  • average, minimum, maximum functions

  • formulas versus functions

  • absolute cell reference

  • know how to figure percent of change

  • order of operations (where to put parentheses)

  • determining percentages and percent of increase and decrease

  • basic math formulas (division, subtraction, multiplication, addition)

  • understand formatting of cells and cell styles

  • charts (including: creation, formatting, sources, titles, legends, etc.)

  • PMT function

  • formatting a spreadsheet and chart (all aspects of formatting)

  • Know how to use the Format Painter option

  • know how to set up two lines of text in a title row or column

  • merge and center options

  • alignment options

  • cell styles, title styles, background styles, etc

  • themes and color changes to themes

  • color changes (font, background, titles)

  • work the practice problems (they are good examples of what you need to know to pass the tests).