Chemistry Degrees

An American Chemical Society certified degree in Chemistry prepares you for careers in industry, medicine, teaching, or governmental agencies. It also provides an excellent foundation for graduate school in chemistry or, chemical engineering, or for other additional professional endeavors.

A Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry is available in two different areas:



Chemistry Teaching

Chemical Lab Technician


Chemistry Degree Options

Associate of Applied Science

  • •  Chemical Technician (AAS)
  • Institutional Certificate

    •  Chemical Technician Institutional Certificate

    Learn more about the Chem Tech program

    Bachelor of Science

    •  Chemistry (BS)

    •  Chemistry Teaching (BS)

    Emphasis Option for Bachelor of Integrated Studies

    •  Chemistry (BIS)


    •  Chemistry Minor

    Teaching Minor

    •  Chemistry Teaching Minor

    Honors, Departmental

    •  Chemistry Departmental Honors