Weber State University Department of Chemistry

Chemistry at Weber State

With small classes and excellent instruction, Chemistry is the right mix at
Weber State University

As a chemist you will gain knowledge and experience to help solve complex problems to benefit the world. As a student in the Department of Chemistry, you will study the composition, structure and properties of substances, learn how they interact, see the transformations they go through, and discover how to put the information to good use.

What you’ll get from the Department of Chemistry:

•     Access to the latest in modern chemical instruments and computer applications

•     Research opportunities where you can apply your knowledge to problems encountered in industry

•     Experience in a variety of chemistry disciplines

•     Professors with great teaching and communication abilities

Where you’ll go:

A degree in chemistry, including one certified by the American Chemical Society, prepares you for a career in industry, medical fields, teaching, governmental agencies, or for graduate school in chemistry, chemical engineering, or other additional professional endeavors.


Why choose Chemistry at WSU?

  • Faculty selected for teaching and communication abilities.
  • Modern instruments and opportunities for working on research projects.
  • Relatively small classes.
  • Faculty's doors always open for students needing help and encouragement.


What will I learn in the program?

You will learn the makeup of matter and how elements combine to form compounds. You will study chemical changes and use instrumentation to determine the properties of matter and how to use properties to identify substances. You'll learn how reactions produce new and useful compounds. Areas of study include organic, analytical, physical and biochemistry.

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Contact Us

Chemistry Department
Science Lab Building,
Room 502M
2503 University Circle
Ogden Utah 844082503

Phone: (801) 626-6952
Fax: (801) 626-7445

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday:
7:30 a.m.— 4:30 p.m.


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