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The Community Engaged LLC is designed to give you the opportunity to live with friends who are committed to finding and implementing solutions to issues facing our communities. You will discover ways to engage in service, politics, not-for-profits, programs, events, activities and seminars. Whether your interest is in social, political, environmental, economic or other community issues, this LLC has something for you.

Each year, Weber State picks a topic or theme on which to focus many of the campus’s engaged learning projects for that year. The 2013-2014 theme is “OnAir.” Essentially, Weber State will focus on the many ways that we can think about and improve “Air,” locally and globally, over the course of the year. You will still be able to pursue service activities on topics of interest to you, but you will also be challenged to think about and address “Air” related issues in line with our campus’s theme.

To successfully live and learn in this community for the 2013-2014 school year, students are expected to do three things:

1.   Participate in Civitas: Civitas is a community engaged scholar program at WSU that helps students integrate civic engagement into their higher education experience. Students meeting program requirements graduate with "Non Sibi, Sed Civitas" (Not for self, for community) noted on their transcript, as well as wear an honor cord and pin at graduation. To participate in the Living and Learning Community, students must register for the one-credit Civitas class and complete the requirements of Civitas. Further information about the Civitas experience can be found here.

2.   Enroll in Botany 1303 – Plants in Human Affairs:  To help facilitate your thinking on our campus topic “OnAir”, Botany 1303 will adopt both a scientific and an anthropological focus on how people and plants interact to produce/consume/affect Air. The course will feature a community engaged learning experience to allow you to put your learning into action. Enrolling in and completing this course then is required to participate in the Living and Learning Community. This course IS a general education science course and meets MWF 12:30 – 1:20 PM in the Hurst Center (located next to the residence halls).

3.   Create, Connect with and Participate in Projects surrounding “OnAir”: Students in this Living and Learning Community will create projects or events and/or will connect with existing campus projects/events in order to participate in the larger Weber State discussions about and action “OnAir.”

To enroll in this community: When filling out your Weber State Housing Application, simply check a box next to the Community Engaged LLC. Additionally you should place as your top preference Residence Hall 3 when listing which halls you would like to live in.

If you would like additional information, please contact the Center for Community Engaged Learning (formerly called Community Involvement Center) at or visit us in SU 327

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