Previous Catalog Requirements Class Substitution Matrix

The following classes were Automotive Technology requirements from catalogs prior to Fall 2008-2009.  Beginning Fall Semester 2008, students who wish to graduate under the older catalog requirements will need to substitute newer classes for older classes.  All of these classes have a prerequisite of ATTC 3000, some have other prerequisites; call the Automotive Department Secretary Anita Proul at 801-626-6579 to request a prerequisite override.

The following list shows the previously required classes and the new classes to substitute.

 Previously Required Classes

New Classes to Take

 ATTC 2680 Collision Repair Methods (3)  ATTC 3680 Automotive Damage Analysis and Estimating (3 credits)
 ATTC 3020 Introduction to Hazardous Waste (2)  ATTC 3020 Introduction Safety Management and Hazardous Materials (3 credits)
 ATTC 3990 Seminar in Automotive Tech (1)  ATTC 3000 Introduction to Automotive Technology (1 credit)
 ATTC 4020 Environmental Issues (2)  Course Deleted (combined with the newly revised ATTC 3020)
 ATTC SI4220 Capstone Project (2)  ATTC SI4720 Capstone Project (2 credits)
 ATTC 4880 Cooperative Practicum (3 credits)  ATTC 3880 Cooperative Practicum (3 credits)
 ATTC 4880 Cooperative Practicum (8 credits)  ATTC 3880 Cooperative Practicum (3 credits) plus another 3 credit upper division class
 approved by the Automotive Department Chairman.
 ATTC 4990 Seminar in Automotive Tech (1)  Course Deleted

All B.S. degree students must have 40 upper division credits (3000 level and above) to graduate.  Make sure your substitutions still allow you to obtain 40 upper division credits.

All B.S. degree students have six years to graduate using the requirements in their starting year's catalog.  If longer than six year is required for graduation, a newer catalog must be used to determine the graduation requirements.