WSU Automotive Department History

Weber's State's Automotive program has been in existence since 1928 and has a rich history.

We invite any previous students, faculty, or supporters to submit historical photographs and/or information to help us document the long history of Weber State's Automotive Department.  Please email information to or call 801-626-7183.

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John Kelly
We are looking for the following information and more:
  • Annual troubleshooting Contest photos
  • Previous Students, before and after stories.
  • Graduation photos
  • Success stories
  • Business relationships
  • High School relationships and teachers
  • Retired/Previous Faculty and Staff

Annual troubleshooting Contest photos

Previous Students, before and after stories

Brent Singleton, former student

First in our nation to receive BOTH the Presidential Environmental Youth Award and the corporate level
Clean Air Excellence Award is WSU student Brent Singleton. President Bush loved the WSU Hybrid Electric and the EPA's CLEA loved the Electric Powered Junior Dragster (EPJD) that Brent lobbied NHRA & IHRA into adopting EPJD’s into their rule books for future generations.
For more information search "Dragster Singleton"
"Let all the earth rejoice for a congregation of different tastes, but all of us working towards alternative fuels"
Brent Singleton


Class of 2011

Fall 2009 T-TEN Freshmen Class.  Left to right: Nicholas Fewkes, Marty Connors, Xiaoyu Chen, Logan Young, Kevin Roner (Instructor), Kristopher Carey, Ryan Dawes, Jorge Nieto, Christopher Westmoreland, Zachery Abel, Peter Neilson, Steven Wheatley, Jeremy Peuser, David Atkinson, Alex Bodily, Lance Munsee, Joseph Ochoa, Jorge Herrera, Sonya Martinez.

Class of 2009:

Congratulations Honda PACT class of 2009 Graduates.  Back Row:  Cary Winget (Service Manager - Willey Honda), Pat Nicholes (Service Manager - LH Miller Honda), John Kelly (WSU Auto Dept. Chairman), Kelly Goodwin (Honda Corporate), Lisa Burr, Greg Romer (Honda Corporate), Brian King (Former Student, and PACT Mentor - Ken Garf Honda).  Front Row: Alexander Swantec, Shane Isom, Chuck Gee, Daniel Abel, Colin Rosenberg, Andrew Blakely.

Congratulations Toyota T-TEN class of 2009 Graduates.  Back Row:  Scott Kelly (freshman), John Kelly (Instructor), Luke Granquist, Brian Blaisdell, Mike Matjasich, Kurt Maxfield, Jon Robertson, Amer Ansouqa.  Front Row: Rick Ballard, Keith Belnap, Le Le, Tase Thompson, George, Casillas, Chase Christiansen. Missing from photo: Kevin Roner (Instructor).

1988 Toyota T-TEN Class, the first T-TEN class at Weber State.
Standing: Steve Stuart, David Thurgood, Robert Griffiths, Roger Jenkins, David Hancock, Bant Baird, Michael Nash, Richard Demoss
Kneeling: Trent Boman, Kurtis Haslam, Clay Hintze, Corey Spencer, Clint Harris, Rondo Erickson.  Missing is Robert Maxwell.

Graduation photos:
1990 Toyota T-TEN Graduation at the Timbermine Restaurant in Ogden, UT.
Standing: Richard Demoss, Steve Stuart, Don Rasmussen, Trent Boman, Rondo Erickson, Brant Baird, Richard Tymer (T-TEN Administrator), Jim Ely (Denver regional service manager), Bill Porento (Toyota technical service manager), Larry H. Miller (Owner of Larry H. Miller Toyota), Kurtis Haslam, Robert Griffiths.
Kneeling: Roger Jenkins, Robert Maxwell, David Hancock, Michael Nash, Corey Spencer, Claly Hintze.
1991 General Motors ASEP Graduation at the Timbermine Restaurant in Ogden, UT.  This was the second GM ASEP class to graduate from WSU.
Left to right: Chris Elmer, Ben Roueche, Chuck Gee, Shawn McArthur, Tim Markham, Mike Haslam, Lius Gonzales Jr., Mark Stagg, Scott Bair, John Sorensen, Burt Oldroyd, John Kelly.  Let us know the missing names 

Success stories

Business relationships

High School relationships, students, and teachers:

Retired/Previous Faculty and Staff:

Steven Stuart: Associate Professor ____ - 2011
Richard K. DeMoss: Professor and Program Manager 1978-2007
Lora Kelley: Secretary 2004-2007
Ben Shekar: Shop Foreman and Instructor 1993-2007
Roger Crockett: Instructor 1991-2007
John Cline: Associate Professor 1995-2006
Lynn Adams: Instructor 1997-2005
Rondo Erickson: Associate Professor 1978-2004
Don Rassmussen
Kay Bagely: GM Training Center Instructor 1986 - 1993
Gary Smith: GM Training Center Instructor 1986-1988
Richard Vandenberg: 1987-?
John A. Gaz: Associate Professor of Automotive Engineering Technology 1942-1980?
Wendell L. Esplin: Professor of Automotive Engineering Technology 1946-?