Ford Maintenance and Light Repair Program (MLR)


What is MLR?

Weber State University has had an official Ford Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR) program since January 2006. This Ford specific training program's main strength is the ability to take someone with little to no hands-on automotive experience and train him or her in the four areas that customers need the most maintenance with on their vehicles.  

Subjects covered are Introduction to Automotive Industry, Basic Electrical, Automotive Braking Systems, Climate Control and Steering/Suspension Systems.  MLR students will get a solid educational foundation to begin their automotive service career and to continue their automotive education.


Vision   The Ford MLR program will be the source of entry-level automobile service technicians for Quality Care Service Centers, Quick Lanes, Ford and Lincoln Mercury service departments and Independent repair facilities by equipping a moderate volume of students with the skills and knowledge needed to perform maintenance and basic repairs on Ford, Lincoln, Mercury cars and light trucks as well as most other vehicles.


It's a fact

Each year the automotive service industry loses more than 15,000 of its most experienced technicians to retirement. Meanwhile, new technicians are entering the automotive field at a slower pace than years past. The retail maintenance and light repair business continues to grow at a faster rate than ever before.


The quick path to the high road

The Maintenance and Light Repair program offers a quick, low-intensity opportunity for students to enter the challenging world of automotive service. You'll acquire the necessary skills to perform regular maintenance, minor or light repairs, and parts installation on all types of Ford and Lincoln Mercury automobiles and light trucks. Your success will be rewarded with Ford Motor Company certification as a Maintenance and Light Repair technician.  You will also have the potential for ASE certifications in Suspension/Steering, Brakes, Electrical/Electronic Systems, and Heating and Air Conditioning.  

Completing the program in conjunction with Weber State University will also achieve 15 hours of higher education course credit.  MLR graduates will receive an Institutional One-Year Certificate of completion from Weber State University.  MLR Students have the option to continue their education completing a 2-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.


Each MLR Graduate Receives:
  • 3-6 Months of Ford Technical Training
  • Up to 25% Ford Service Technician Training
  • Skills in Brakes, Electrical, Climate Control and Steering & Suspension
  • Potential of passing up to four ASE Certifications in related areas of program study
  • 14 Hours of Weber State University course credit


Notice: This is an evening program that typically runs from 4:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m five days per week. This schedule allows most students to work during the daytime

The Maintenance and Light Repair Training program includes the following course material:

AUSV 1000- Introduction to Automotive Service (3 Credit Hours)

An introduction to automotive shop safety, pollution prevention, hazardous waste handling, Internet-based electronic service information, diagnostic scan tools, ASE certifications, safety inspection certifications, emissions inspection certifications, developing job interview skills, and resume writing. (This course is a prerequisite for all automotive service courses.)

AUSV 1021- Automotive Braking Systems 1 (2 Credit Hours)
Covers the design, construction and operation of various brake systems, as well as power assist units and anti-lock brake systems. Program includes the diagnosis, repair and replacement of various system components. 
AUSV 1022 Steering & Suspension 1 (2Credit Hours)
This course covers the design, construction and operation of suspension & suspension systems, wheel alignment and wheel balancing. Also includes a look at the diagnosis/repair of the steering gears and alignment of the front end.

AUSV 1320- Automotive Electronics 1 (2 Credit Hours)
AUSV 1323- Automotive Electronics 2 (2 Credit Hours)
These courses cover basic electrical systems, testing of the battery condition and operation, and testing and repairing of the charging and starting circuits. 

AUSV 2320- Automotive Climate Control Systems (3 Credit Hours)

Focuses on the design characteristics and principles of automotive heating and air conditioning with emphasis on theory, operation, maintenance and repair.


Career Advancement:

Experienced Maintenance and Light Repair technicians may advance to "Ford Master Technician" recognition, supervisory or managerial positions or may continue their education to specialize in other areas of automotive repair.


Ford MLR 
Program Coordinator
Will Speigle

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Weber State University
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