Embedded Courses for Chrysler CAP Students at Weber State University

Seventy-One percent of Chrysler Academy courses are embedded in the WSU Curriculum

NumberCourse Description
0010508Introduction to TechConnect and Scan Tools (Web-Based)
0010808New Vehicle Preparation (Web-Based)
0010908Introduction to DCX (Web-Based)
0120208Engine Fundamentals and Measurement  (FAST)
0130624Cam in Block Engines
0130724Cam in Head Engines
0141508Engine Diagnosis
0203424FWD and RWD Automatic Transmission Diagnosis and Repair
0220308Fundamentals of Automatic Transmission  (FAST)
0230532Fully Electronic Automatic Transmission Operation and Diagnosis
0320308Fundamentals of Axle  (Self-Study)
0330216Front and Rear Axle Diagnosis and Repair
0330308FWD Manual Transmission Diagnosis and Repair
03405084WD-AWD Systems Diagnosis and Repair
0420308Moving in the Right Direction (FAST)
0430308Steering and Suspension Service
0440608Steering and Suspension Diagnosis
0520308Brakes - Power Under Control (FAST)
0520408Brakes - Power Under Electronic Control (FAST)
0530416Teves ABS Operation and Diagnosis
0540616Teves Mark 20 ABS for DCX Vehicles
0541008Dodge Truck ABS Operation and Diagnosis
0619124Electrical Diagnosis 1 (Instructor Led)
0620224Electrical Diagnosis 2 (2-Phase - Self-Study/Inst. Led)
0630708Passive Restraint Systems (Inst. Led)
0630824Body Electrical Part 1 - Vehicle Communciations (2-Phase - Inst. Led / Self-Study)
0630924Body Electrical Part 2 - Diagnosis and Testing (2-Phase - Inst. Led / Self -Study)
0641816Body Electrical Part 3 - Advanced Diagnosis (Inst. Led)
0720208Air Conditioning Fundamentals (FAST)
0730216AC Diagnosis and Service
0740716Advanced Climate Control
0820508Mass Air Flow Fuel Injection Systems (FAST)
0820608Speed Density Fuel Injection Systems (FAST)
0831124Next Generation Engine Management Part 1 Speed Density Fuel Systems Operation and Diagnosis (2-Phase - Inst. Led/Self-Study)
0831224Next Generation Engine Management Part 2 Introduction to OBD II Systems (2-Phase - Inst. Led/Self-Study)
1030116Cummins High Pressure Common Fuel Injection Operation and Diagnosis
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