Goddard School of Business & Economics

Information about faculty scholarship in the School of Business & Economics1 can be found by selecting links from this table:

Dean Jeffrey W. Steagall
Accounting Ryan Pace Economics
Therese Grijalva

Andrea Gouldman
Gregory Parkhurst
  Lisa Hopkins   Brandon C. Koford
    Nazneen Ahmad
    Colton Christensen
    John Stone
    Cliff Nowell
    Doris Geide Stevenson
      Rong Rong
Business Administration Stanley E. Fawcett Bus Admin (cont) Sebastian Brockhaus
  Michael J. Stevens Brian Davis

Seokwoo Song

Amydee M. Fawcett

S. Duane Hansen

Yuhong Fan

Charles Kaiser

  Clinton Amos    
  James Turner
  Wendy Fox Kirk    
  Lauren Altdoerffer-Andersen    



1. Members of the faculty who have developed a Google Scholar Citation page may contact gniklason@weber.edu for inclusion on this page.

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