Jerry & Vickie Moyes College of Education

Information about faculty scholarship in the College of Education1 can be found by selecting links from this table:

Dean Jack Rasmussen
Child and Family Studies Jared Lisonbee Teacher Education  Vicki Napper
  Pamela Payne    Richard Pontius
  Dan Hubler     Shirley Dawson
  Joyce Buck     Jack Mayhew
  Paul Schvaneveldt     Louise Moulding
  Teri Henke     Bonnie Hofland
       Kristin M. Hadley
       Linda Gowans
       Patrick Leytham
       Frances M Butler
      Penee Wood Stewart
       Melina Alexander
       Natalie Williams
       Clay Rasmussen
       Vincent Bates
       David Byrd
       Peggy Saunders
Health Promotion &
Human Performance
Jenn Ostrowski Athletic Training &
Valerie Herzog
  Jordan Hamson-Utley   Matthew Donahue
  Michael Olpin   Hannah Stedge
  Melissa Masters   Conrad Gabler
  Cass Morgan    
  Brian McGladrey    




1. Members of the faculty who have developed a Google Scholar Citation page may contact for inclusion on this page.