Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities

Information about faculty scholarship in the College of  Arts & Humanities1 can be found by selecting links from this table:

Dean Madonne Miner
Communication Sheree Josephson Foreign Language Tom Mathews
  Colleen Packer   Alicia Giralt
  Susan Hafen   Craig Bergeson
  Sarah Steimel   Electra Fielding
  Ryan Cheek   Diego Batista
  AnDrew Tyler    
  Clair Canfield    
  Yeonsoo Kim    
  Omar Guevara    
English Becky Jo Gesteland Performing Arts Thom Priest
  Shelley Thomas   Jenny Kokai
  Sally Shigley   Carey Campbell
  Scott Rogers   Jessica Greenberg
  Sian Griffiths   Tamara Goldbogen
  Jennifer Mitchell    
  Samantha Seal    
  Sylvia Newman    
    Visual Arts Susan Makov
      Liese Zahabi
      Stephen Wolochowicz
      "K" Stevenson
      Molly Morin




1. Members of the faculty who have developed a Google Scholar Citation page may contact for inclusion on this page.