Access With Tablets

Be aware there is no File Share available to save your documents.  If you save to one of the production servers your file may be deleted or inaccessible.

  • From the Apps Store search on "Citrix"
  • Select "Citrix Receiver" and download/install
  • Click on "Get Started" to Install the "Citrix Receiver"
  • Open the "Citrix" receiver 

For Android and IOS tablets enter the following:

  • Address: 
  • Description:  whatever info you want can be added here
  • Username:  eWeber username
  • Password:  eWeber password
  • Domain:  ad

For Windows 8 tablets enter the following:

  • Address:    (NOTE: do NOT include http in front of the address)
  • Username:        ad\username  (This is the eWeber username)
  • Password:        your eWeber password

Note:  Depending on your tablet you may be given other selections:

  • Access Gateway (uncheck Web)
  • Enterprise (select)
  • Domain only (select)