There are 4 different ways to meet Rigor.
  1. AP Tests
The student needs to take at least 2 AP classes, take the AP tests, and pass with a 3 or better with 2 of the tests.
  1. 34CFR643
Regulations according to the grant. Student needs to take:
-4 years of English
-3 years of Math including Algebra 1 and a higher level class
-3 years of science, needing at least two of the following: biology, chemistry, physics.
-3 years of Social Studies
-1 year of foreign language
  1. Honors Diploma
Student receives an Honors Diploma. This is possible by:
-Meeting all minimum State Core Requirements
-Math proficiency of pre-calculus and higher with B or better
-2 years of foreign language
-Completion of 6 Honors Classes (10-12) with a B or better in the following areas:
-2 English/Language Arts
-2 Science/Social Studies
-2 Honors Electives
  1. Regents Scholarship*
Student receives a Regents’ Scholarship. This is possible by:
-4 years of English
-4 years of progressive Math. Student must complete at least one class beyond Algebra 2
-3.5 credits of Social Science
-3 credits of lab-based Science courses, specifically one of each: biology, chemistry, & physics
-2 years of foreign language
*(Previous priority deadline for 2012 was in December, final deadline was Feb. 1st.  Reminder:  There can be NO mistakes on their Regents Scholarship application- if there is, they will not be eligible to receive the scholarship).