2017 Elections: Senate February 21-23 (CLOSED)

Senate Winners

Traditional Student Senator

Chibuike Chikere-Njoku
It is with great excitement that I look forward to getting involved with WSUSA once again. I am currently the special events co-chair for the activities team, which has been a wonderful experience and in order to broaden my horizon have decided to put my feet towards the legislative branch of the student body.

My platform includes:

  1. Engagement: traditional students make up a good number of students most of them know little or nothing about what goes on in school outside of their classes. It is my hope that I can use my skills from working on the activities team to increase involvement on campus.
  2. Clarity: create an environment that makes the students aware of the amenities the students are entitled to that are covered by their tuition on fees.
  3. Gather information: finally, as a senator, I am well aware that this position serves to represent the voice of a vast group of individuals and so my ultimate goal is to figure out what the students want and then building off of that.

Non-traditional Student Senator

Janis Branca
My name is Janis Branca. I am the current Non-Traditional Student Senator and I am seeking reelection for the upcoming academic year of 2017-2018.

Over the last year, I have actively sought the opinions of my non-traditional constituents. Through listening to your concerns and ideas, I have been able to serve as an advocate, allowing your voices to be heard while representing you in the student senate.

One of the many issues brought forward during conversations with my fellow students include a concern regarding testing center hours and days of operation. This specifically relates to the expansion of the Stewart Library, in which an additional testing center will be located. We have the ability to address this issue by working with university officials to evaluate a possible solution that will increase the new testing center’s availability to students.

A second pressing concern for many non-traditional students is the availability of on-site daycare at Weber State’s Davis Campus. Although I cannot ensure an immediate resolution to this issue, I promise to work this issue to the best of my ability, utilizing my knowledge of campus resources.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you over the course of the past year. I have enjoyed getting to know you all as you have trusted me to represent you. I would like to continue the great progress and changes that we are working towards and I hope you support me in continuing to represent you as your Non-Traditional Student Senator.

Students with Disabilities Senator

Austin Happenny
I am currently a Nursing major in my last year of the ADN program. This will be the end of my second year here at Weber State University and I have enjoyed every moment of school. Weber State University is an amazing college to not only foster your own personal growth, but also to challenge yourself academically.

 I am currently running for the senator position for Students with Disabilities. I have worked with the disability department since my junior year of high school and have helped with numerous events.  I work directly with their Creating Achievement Through Transition program, where I have been a peer guide for three years. My main goal is to help my constituency feel more comfortable about disclosing disability and receiving the proper accommodations to succeed in college.

In many instances students feel that if they disclose their disability to a professor, staff member, or an advisor they will be stigmatized. A fear of being labeled causes students to refrain from receiving proper help. This can cause frustration not only for the student, but also for faculty who try to help.

My hope is for everyone to better understand that having a disability does not define or limit you as a person. Having a disability allows you the rare chance in life to be unique. It may cause you to do things differently than others but should not discourage you from achieving your goals in college or in life.  Everyone should be given the chance to earn a college education, and Weber State University has the tools necessary to help everyone accomplish this dream.

I will not be able to achieve this vision alone; it will require help from not only the students in my constituency and the Disability Services office but also from staff and faculty members. This can be accomplished through the development of support groups, outreach and information sessions regarding disability. Once established students will have the opportunity to foster their development. Let’s help everyone succeed at college. Let’s make it happen! Vote for Happenny.

Davis Campus Senator

Jefferson Cairo
I believe that I am good for the position of Davis Campus Senator because I've come to be a part of Davis Team and through them have been able to stay active within the Davis community. I have previous leadership experience that I would hope to use in order to better my ability to help the voices of Davis Campus reach the main campus.




Graduate Senator

Taylor Spencer J

Hispanic Senator

Julio Otay
My name is Julio Otay. I'm a freshman seeking a Business Administration major.  I have been working in the last 10 years with many different organizations, especially those related with community service. From day one , I wanted to serve and help in the University. I'm interested to hear your concerns and to work together to change and improve our University. I'm 100% committed to represent you and be your voice at Senate. I'm committed to work together with other students as well, in order to reach different ideas that can benefit us all.



American Indian Senator

Patricia A. Benally

African American Senator

Jazmine Gruber Allen
My name is Jazmine Gruber Allen; I am a current student of Weber State University, studying Mathematics Education. I value this opportunity to run for African American Senator. It is my desire to get more African American students involved with events on campus, as well as bring to light the many resources and opportunities that we share. On campus, we have many assets for students to utilize including scholarships as well as other academic advantages, community involvement, and student engagement. With my focus on African American student involvement, I want to guide students to achieving the highest rate of success while also continuing to find even more opportunities. Working on campus, I have the ability to network and make connections in order to give African American students the capabilities to join the many organizations available. By running for African American Senator, it is my goal to give all resources for success to the African American students. Through all of the hardships of school, working, and maintaining a social life, we can make it easier on ourselves, by coming together.

Asian Senator

Minsum Choi

Pacific Islander Senator

Samantha Kivalu

College of Business & Economics Senator

Andrew Glover
My name is Andrew Glover and I am running to be your next College of Business and Economics Senator. I am qualified for this position because of my past involvement with the WSUSA Leadership Team. I have been an active and involved member for the past four years and have served in many different roles. In these roles, I’ve learned many valuable skills such as effective communication, better organization, and the ability to lead a team.  I am now interested in running for senate because I am passionate about Weber State and its students and I want to be the bridge between my constituency and the university.

I plan on accomplishing this by:

  • Representing the students of the business program at the university level.
  • Encouraging students to become involved with the clubs in the business college.
  • Representing the students of the business college in a professional manner.
  • Helping students further their careers by introducing them to employers from the Ogden area.
  • Exposing new students to the business college by marketing in a new and unique way.
  • Being a voice for students opinions and concerns.
  • Providing students with the opportunites to grow and enhance their resume.

It would be an honor to serve as your senator for the College of Business and Economics, and I hope you will take me into consideration when voting.

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Senator

Kenneth Griffey
Hi, my name is Kenneth Griffey and I will be running for senator of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. I was born and raised in Carmel, Indiana, but now have been a Utah resident for three years and have enjoyed the diverse opportunities this state has to offer. After receiving my associates degree from BYU-Idaho, I found myself at Weber State University. A university that in my eyes is built on diversity, equality, and progress. I believe the foundation of this school is built by a very proactive community of students, who are willing to do anything and everything for their community. As a student of the behavioral sciences, I plan on pursuing a bachelors degree in psychology, followed with a minor in neuroscience, political sciences, and criminal justice. I strive to receive my PhD, focusing on substance abuse and addiction. Not only do I desire to aid those in rehabilitation, but I plan on becoming active within the communities, pushing for medical, and criminal justice reform, giving those whose voice can not be heard an opportunity to be heard by all. Goals I hope to accomplish through the help of the student body, is to  create a stronger understanding of substance abuse and addiction, as well as mental illness. I aim to find ways that will create opportunities for students to become involved in their communities and fight for those who need aid. I hope that if put in the position as your senator, I will have your trust, and confidence so that we may inspire a leadership that is designed by the people for the people. I believe the power belongs not only to the student body but as well as the community in which we all live in, and once given a voice we can not be stopped, and change is inevitable. 

College of Arts and Humanities Senator

Estefani Perez-Lopez
My name is Estefani Perez-Lopez and I believe that Arts and Humanities maintain our sanities! I became involved on campus after pushing myself out of my shell, even going on to be the president of Latinos in Action and planning out our annual conference, which has over 5,000 students in attendance. I have also served on committees for various clubs and organizations, such as marketing committee, events committee, and financial committee, where I worked closely with others and expanded my knowledge of our campus and community. It was through involvement like this in various clubs and organizations that I realized how rewarding it can be to serve others. I was amazed by the amount of opportunities we have for involvement, and how passionate people were for these opportunities. I was inspired by the passion I had seen amongst my peers and decided to do my part to help it grow.

I know the feeling of wanting to keep to yourself, and as your senator, I want to be someone you trust to help you get out there and share your talents with our campus! I am always ready to meet new people and lend a listening ear to a friend in need. I love Weber State and I am eager to begin helping our Wildcats!

I know that I possess the organizational skills, leadership experience, and motivation to be a positive and effective senator for our college. I am ready to provide my fellow Arts and Humanities students with any information or assistance they might need. If I don’t know the answer to a question straightaway, I will do everything in my power to find the answer and keep you informed.

I will ensure that your voices are heard in the university. There is no such thing as an insignificant grievance or an unimportant voice, I want to hear anything and everything you have to say! I understand my commitment to you and this university and I’m more than ready to get started!

College of Health Professions Senator

Brenda Torres
I would love to represent you as college students in the health profession. Anyone going into the medical field knows how much they are needed because they are always discovering new methods in improving people’s lives. One of the reasons the medical field is intriguing is because I’m a current Certified Nurse’s Assistant which I get to help people recover to their potential state for them to be able to go back and live a normal life which, was one of the reason I chose to be a Respiratory major.

A lot of people don’t even know Weber State has senators which, was surprising to hear. I want people to know they have senators that represent them every day at Weber. By doing so, their concerns would be one of my priorities and another would be figuring out a solution to satisfy them.

I have always enjoyed being involved in school or helping the community not just because it looks good on my resume, but because I get to meet new people and have an impact in their life. Over the years I have been a part of some organizations like Latinos in Action, Hispanic Area Council, CATT, and Leap. For me, being involved in school is one of many important aspects in my life because I know I’m making a difference, which is why I want to be part of the senate committee.

The reason I chose to run for the health professions senate is because I feel I have grown over the years in watching my mentors and leaders have an impact in my life.  Through their guidance and teaching they have taught me to become a leader and apply my learnings and make a difference. I want to have the privilege to represent the students at Weber State and be their voice in what they want to see changed and make their college experience the best and to be proud of the school they have chosen. 

College of Science Senator

Alexis Frias
Science is the poetry of reality and science is a way of thinking.  My name is Alexis Frias, and I am re-running for College of Science Student position. I am a senior and majoring in Physics and minoring in Math. I have been actively involved at Weber State as a student for a couple of years, participating in multiple organizations such as the Hispanic Area Council, WSUSA Clubs and Organizations and on the WSUSA activities team. During my involvement at WSU, I have had the chance to learn how to be the right kind of leader. I have to work hard and that is what I am planning to do. Through all these experiences I have gained a profound love for Weber State as well as the confidence, I know that I can work to accomplish many great things for you, the College of Science students. Our science departments at Weber State are known for being the best departments in Utah, I would love to help that reputation develop and grow especially with the addition of the new Science Building.

The role of the College of Science senator is to act as a liaison between the College of Science students and the university. If elected, I want to create better communication between students, professors, the student senator and WSU. To accomplish this I, want to create College of Science Department Representatives. The effort to hear more student voices is something that is hard since the college is so big. Department reps. are used in other colleges and it is a great asset where it will allow me to serve the College of Science student population more effectively.

With my leadership & student experiences as well as an understanding of what the College of Science students need, I believe that I can make next year more gratifying experience for everyone. I would be honored to have the opportunity to represent you as the College of Science student senator. Imagine, Invent, Inspire and lets show everyone how great the College of Science is.


Frequently Asked Questions About Elections

Can anyone run for a student government position?
Yes. However, there are some eligibility requirements that you can read in the elections packet. You must enroll and complete a minimum of 12 credited hours at WSU per semester and pay full-time student fees during your term of office. You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 or higher during your term. Must be in good academic, financial, and judicial standing with the University. And you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

How long do students hold office?
Students hold their positions for the fall and spring semesters. All positions will require summer planning and training hours. Each position has specific job requirements that must be fulfilled. There may also be other functions related to your position in addition to noted requirements. These are to be determined by the position, and more information is provided in the elections packet.

Are there any rules to the signage my campaign can put up?
There usually are rules and regulations to what your campaign can contain, however these differ from year to year, depending on the elections committee and previous years. Before elections begins, the office of student involvement and leadership as well as the elections committee will create a packet of information containing such rules and regulations as well as other campaign information. They will also hold a meeting to discuss candidates concerns.

How do I vote?
Voting takes place through WeberSync, which is easily accessible through any student's eWeber profile.

Why should I vote?
Voting is important for every student. Your student fees help to pay for several seminars, sponsor clubs and organization as well as many other things. By voting and learning about the candidates you can learn and gain a greater understanding of what the candidates believe is best for you. If you have further questions about why you should vote, please pose the question through email, social media, or come stop by!