Staff Publications


  • Teri Bladen, Director of Campus Recreation, co-authored two chapters in the soon-to-be released American College of Sports Medicine’s Group Exercise Instructor Manual.
  • Greg Nielsen, Associate Director of Career Services, earned his PhD in Geology from The University of Utah. He has published his findings in the Utah Geological Survey Report.
  • Jessica Oyler, Coordinator of Student Affairs Assessment, was a contributor to “Aligning Co-Curricular Initiatives with Learning Outcomes” published by the Education Advisory Board. She also co-authored the following publication: Weiner, L., Bresciani, M., Oyler, J., & Felix, E. (2011). Developing and implementing learning goals for student affairs practitioners. Journal of Student Affairs, XX, 86-93.
  • Brett Perozzi, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, wrote an article titled “Professional Development in Student Affairs and Services Around the World,” in “NASPA Knowledge Communities: Celebrating ten years of educating for lives of purpose,” March 2011. He also authored a feature article for NASPA’s Net Results: Critical issues for student affairs practitioners, titled “Enhancing Student Employment,” August 2011. Finally, he coauthored the following publication: Perozzi, B. & O’Brien, A. (2010). “The Global Practice of Student Affairs: A United States and Australian case study.” The Journal of the Australia and New Zealand Student Services Association, No. 36.
  • Jan Winniford, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Sheldon Cheshire, Talent Search advisor, contributed to the following book chapter: Amsel, E., Cheshire, S., Massen, A., Kowalewski, B., & Winniford, J. (2011). Preparing to serve: A program training college students for tutoring and mentoring in public schools. In R. Miller, E. Amsel, B. Kowalewski, B. Biens, K. Keith, & B. Pleden (Eds.) Promoting Student Engagement: Volume 1: Programs, Techniques and Opportunities (pp. 34 - 41). Retrieved from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.