Jessica Oyler

Jessica Oyler

Job title: Director of Student Affairs Assessment and Strategic Initiatives

What is your favorite food?: Anything fried or anything pizza or anything protein. I love food (except carrots).

What is your favorite part of your job?: I have the unique opportunity to work with all of the departments in our division on their planning and assessment. I LOVE to see all of the awesome things they’re doing and help them to find areas to improve. It’s really inspiring.

What was your experience in your field before this position?: I was involved in student government and worked as a residence hall assistant in undergrad and majored in Student Affairs for my master’s degree. While working on my master’s degree, I taught classes in interpersonal communication and public speaking, worked as a research assistant for assessment ,and on assessment projects for the vice president for student affairs. During that time, I also worked at Starbucks, which totally prepared me for this!

What advice would you have for students who have future aspirations of attaining your job title?: I would tell them to go for it! Working to improve programs and services for our students is so rewarding (and full of data), and if a student would like to work in this field, I’d tell them to reach out and contact me! I’d love to have them hang out and see what I do!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew-up and why?: I wanted to be Oscar the Grouch. Yup, Oscar. I even split my head open one time playing him in the trashcan. I have no idea why I had such awesome career aspirations, but I bet there are some people who would argue that I’m not far off from that job now!


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