Business Advisory Council

The Dean of the Goddard School offers invitations to WSU alumni and friends to serve on the Goddard School's Business Advisory Council. The group provides:

  • A link between management education in the Goddard School and management practice within the business community.
  • Advice on present and proposed programs and activities in areas such as curriculum, executive education, and degree requirements.
  • Opportunities for faculty and students to become involved with the business community through internships, service learning, and management consulting.
  • Chance for the Dean and other members of the Goddard School to promote the school, build its recognition in the community, and obtain new resources to enhance opportunities for students and faculty.

The group meets a three times a year at Weber State University in Ogden. For questions or comments about the council, please call (801) 626-7307 or email



Weber State UniversityOgden, Utah 84408

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