Supply Chain Management

Weber State University boasts one of the oldest Supply Chain Management programs in the United States.  In 1969, the logistics community at Hill Air Force base contacted the School of Business & Economics and asked the School commit resources toward creating a logistics education program to meet the needs of civilian employees at the Base.  Professor Dix Cloward developed logistics courses, helped hire retired military officers with logistics backgrounds to teach the courses, and in 1970 the first logistics classes were offered.  Our first Logistics Management undergraduate degree was awarded in 1978, and over the next 30 years our graduates went on to find jobs at Ford Motor Company, Boeing, Dyno Nobel, General Electric, Harris Corporation and TRW.  

Employers recognize our graduates as some of the best in the field.  On average, each of our Supply Chain Management graduates, is offered two and half jobs upon graduation.

What is supply chain management?

Visualize the chain of organizations and activities involved in creating a particular consumer product and making it available to you in a retail store. The mineral extractors in the mines, the suppliers of components, the trucking firms, the warehousing operations, the manufacturing company, the inventory manager, those who do packaging and crating, the distributors. Everyone who participates in the creation and distribution process comprises a supply chain.


The supply chain management major learns how to orchestrate and manage this process. 

What jobs are available for supply chain management graduates?

Supply chain management is a growing area of importance in corporations today and has been called one of the "hottest career paths in the 21st century by the U.S. News & World Report.

Many businesses participate in one or more supply chains. They employ supply chain specialists in such positions as:

  • Industrial Buyer 
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Materials Manager
  • Logistics Engineer
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Global Supply Chain Specialist
  • Inventory Manager
  • Warehouse Operations Supervisor