Other Major Accomplishments and Events

  • Crystal Crest celebrated more than 30 years of excellence recognizing distinguished members of the university community with approximately 600 attendees.
  • In Fall 2012 Sodexo opened a restaurant in the new residence halls. Food on Demand (FoD) is a kiosk ordering restaurant that provides freshly prepared and cooked to order menu items. The students walk up to a touch screen kiosk, swipe their meal card, and order a wide variety of menu items such as BBQ brisket, salmon, chicken fingers, Caesar salad, etc.  After placing an order, students are texted when their meal is ready. Feedback from students has been very positive.
  • The Testing Centers provided more than 350,000 tests during 2012-13.
  • WSU hosted the Intermountain Testing Association Conference in October.
  • The Diversity and Unity Center hired an LGBT Graduate Assistant in order to structure on-going programming and support resources for LGBT students and interested community partners.  The Coordinator of the Center also collaborated with faculty and staff from across the university to develop a Faculty/Staff Gay Straight Association to provide information, outreach and support for members of our campus community. 
  • The W.O.W. Awards Ceremony sponsored by the Women’s Center took place in March. This ceremony presents 21 awards to faculty, staff and students in honor of their incredible example to other women. Categories include: Woman of Weber, Woman of the World, Woman of Wellness, Woman of Wages, Warrior of Women, Woman of Wonder, Woman of Wisdom and Woman of Wit.
  • A total of 6,630 clinical appointments were scheduled at the Counseling and Psychological Services Center during 2012-13. A total of 4,348 appointments were attended. Of these attended appointments, 2,851 were individual, 651 were couples/family, 482 were psychiatric, 174 were crisis intervention, and 386 were group counseling. An additional 308 hours were spent in various outreach/consultation activities. 
  • The Shepherd Union was recognized with the 2013 Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Facility Design Award of Excellence.   ACUI created the award nine years ago to recognize excellence in the design of student-centered facilities that support campus community building and student learning.
  • The Shepherd Union created and implemented a Sustainability Center which shares educational information on current sustainability efforts within the union and offers expanded recycling.  This past year, Sodexo began using recycled materials in catering, a composting program was created, and a new display was created to demonstrate the benefit of solar panels on the union roof. 
  • A significant focus for the year was designing intentional spaces that will foster student engagement and development in the following new facilities: Wildcat Center (wellness), Wildcat Village (housing) and WSU Davis (expanded union and learning support services.)
  • In February 2013 the StrengthsQuest Advisory Council sponsored a StrengthsQuest Training for staff and faculty presented by Mark Pauge, Vice President for Gallup and Program Director of Strengths Education. This training focused on the use of 12 questions designed to help mangers and team leaders develop solid plans of strengths utilization for those people they lead.
  • Eight professional development meetings were held for staff within the Division of Student Affairs on topics such as diversity, teamwork, veteran students, and dealing with change.  These meetings are designed to enhance skills and competencies and to build collegiality and community within the division.  In addition, 10 staff were recognized at the annual awards luncheon for their outstanding contributions to the division.
  • The Division of Student Affairs coordinated the 4th annual Student Services Expo on September 26 in the Shepherd Union atrium.   The expo highlights services, educational opportunities and programs that help students be successful.

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