Advanced Radiologic Sciences

To begin this program, you must be an ARRT registered technologist or acceptable equivalent as determined by the Department of Radiologic Sciences. After you apply and are accepted, you must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 in all of your professional courses in order to receive certification.

You must complete an upper-division research course in either the major area of emphasis or in the minor emphasis. The course must be equivalent to RADTEC 4833 Directed Readings and Research, and approved by a faculty advisor.

A total of 120 credit hours is required for graduation -- 30-48 of these must be within the major emphasis. See the General Education section for other BS degree requirements.

Required Core Courses

RADT 3003 Psycho-Social Medicine (3)
RADT 3043 Medical Ethics & Law (3)
RADT 3423 Federal Regulations (3)
RADT 4203 Patient Education in Radiology (3)
RADT 4933 Research Methods (2)
RADT 4943 Baccalaureate Thesis (3)

Elective courses must have approval of a faculty advisor.

RADT 3123 Sectional Anatomy (3)
RADT 3143 Imaging Pathophysiology (3)
RADT 3243 Patient Care & Assessment II (3)
RADT 3253 Patient Care & Assessment III (3)
RADT 3263 Diagnostic Services Pharmacology II (3)
RADT 3403 Radiobiology & Health Physics (3)
RADT 3443 Quality Assurance in Radiology (3)
RADT 3463 Computerized Imaging (3)
RADT 3563 Managing Clinical Information (3)
RADT 3863 Clinical Internship (2-6)
RADT 4213 Supervision & Staff Development (3)
RADT 4223 Promotional Strategies (3)
RADT 4233 Fiscal Analysis in Radiology (3)
RADT 4243 Quality Management (3)
RADT 4253 Risk Management (3)
RADT 4303 Cardiology (3)
RADT 4403 Imaging Pathology (3)
RADT 4413 Forensic Radiology (3)
RADT 4433 PACS Administration (3)
RADT 4443 Imaging Informatics (3)
RADT 4543 Bone Densitometry (3)
RADT 4573 The Female Patient & Medical Imaging (3)
RADT 4803 Individual Research (1-3)
RADT 4833 Directed Readings & Research (3)
RADT 4863 Clinical Internship (2-4)
RADT 4922 Workshops, Conferences and Telecourses (2)
RADT 4942 Current Trends & Issues (2)
RADT 4992 Seminar (1-2)

Advanced Radiologic Sciences: Minor Emphasis

Grade requirements: A GPA of 2.0 in all courses used toward the minor.

Credit hour requirements: 18-24 credit hours in Advanced Radiologic Sciences. Courses required for certification cannot be used to fulfill minor requirements.

Course requirements for minor: An academic contract must be generated with a faculty advisor for a minimum of 18 credit hours from the RADT upper division courses.

Curriculum and program requirements are subject to change without notification. For more information please contact a Department of Radiologic Sciences Faculty Member by calling the department secretary at 801.626.6329